6 Ways to Use Competition to Help You


Every competition is an opportunity for teamwork or growth. I’m an athlete and I always have a strong desire to compete, so when someone challenges me, I get up and be there. I don’t like being told no or having someone who thinks I can’t do something. Finding creative solutions where people think it can’t be done is where I really succeed.

-Meghan Clem, executive director and founder of RAD Camp

Competition is my biggest advantage. Competition drives you in unimaginable ways. It takes you to the lowest valleys and elevates the highest mountains.

  • Cory Williams, chief businessman and investor, Epic Management Group

Get out of the crowd. The digital environment is constantly changing – staying ahead of market trends and keeping a steady pace in competition helps me to establish our services and stand out.

-Warren Jolly, chief executive of adQuadrant


Competition is one of the greatest promoters as long as it is used in the right way. If you compete, you will be so wrapped up and finished with the improvement that nothing else can register on your radar. This builds confidence in your product and helps you truly entertain your competitors at the highest level.

-Kelly Cardenas, owner and CEO of Kelly Cardenas Salon

Competition is a good source of motivation and perspective and keeps me focused on the core values ​​of my company. We are fortunate to be in a field where there is no clear competition. Nevertheless, we still encourage it. Competition helps to validate our philosophies in the broader industry, and we can learn even one or two things to see how others handle a shared problem in another way.

-Ben Bawtree-Jobson, chief executive officer of SiFi Network

Competition can help – it can bring your message to a wider audience, for example. It can also push you to establish and protect negligence. I would be worried if we didn’t have competitors. If what you do is fun and valuable, surely others should be trying to copy your success.

-John Kodumal, CTO and co-founder of LaunchDarkly





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