How to Enhance Your Circle of Influence


How do you expand your circle of influence and have a greater impact on the people you work with and the friends you currently have in your life right now? Because if we are honest about it, the influence is great, isn’t it? Influence allows you to earn more income, allows you to make a greater impact, allows you to have a better life.

We all want some kind of influence in the world. It also helps us to feel that we have a purpose, a meaning, and a reason to do what we do. But it is not always clear where the influence really comes from or how it is viewed. So I have a unique idea of ​​seeing the impact in three specific ways tied to one concept: the house.

Now, I don’t know where you live. Maybe you live in a house, but here’s the thing. Most houses, with indoor and outdoor space. Almost everyone does, doesn’t it? So the point is, I want you to think about the effect this house will have on you:


Imagine that you are going up to a house, and you see the outside of it. It has handmade grass, trees shaped like elephants… I don’t know. The door looks beautiful, the paint is beautiful. This external, makes you want to enter. It makes you want to come around this place and see this place and feel inside, because most of the time, places with a nice interior, put it outside with a beautiful exterior. And on the outside, I mean, are you inviting? Are you smiling? Do you look good? Because in the world we live in, let’s be honest, your appearance is important. It doesn’t always have to be this way, but let’s be honest, the way you behave and your behavior, shows us how you hold your self-esteem and confidence.

Sometimes people can have a certain kind of look, I try to blend in, but we usually see it in a lot of that. And if the outside is rusty and the grass is uncut and looks a little sweet, because you don’t have the joy that comes out of you, you probably miss out on the opportunity to be influenced by someone. But here’s the cool thing: If you have a beautiful exterior and people enjoy what they see, they want to intervene, they get to feel the interior. And inside of us is the heart of who you are.


The inner self you have, the joy you have, is what you bring out. Well, do people come to your house and want to stay around? Do they come in and see that the carpets are clean, the floor is polished, and everything is shiny, and it smells good because the candles are lit, and beautiful, and there is good food, and they get drinks, and they come laughing and enjoying the space, and you feel good, and you feel inviting? When your interior invites, people want to be alone, not only that, they want to bring other people around you. They want to bring their friends and say, “Hey, this place is beautiful. There is a party going on in the house all of a sudden. You will have to come and check. ”And so they bring in a lot of people, and guess what, the influence is growing.

The good news is, the longer they stay, the more conversations you will have, the more you will have the opportunity to influence someone. If it’s a business, you want to make a sale. You’d better make them want to be around you for a while. If you want to be able to have a good relationship, maybe they should be able to be close to you for a while. No matter what you are trying to influence, you need time to make an impact, and it happens by staying inside.


Now, when you come into a house and it’s crowded and things are everywhere, everything is scattered and smells of fish, and worse, you don’t want to stay there. And let’s face it, there are some people in this world who have a beautiful exterior, but the interior is not so beautiful. They are not great people of the heart. And the way you look at this interior, are you sure? Are you clean? Are you organized? Are you under pressure to be close? Don’t you worry about being around you? The inside of the identity comes from the same way it does in the house. For example, if the bedroom is clean and tidy, people want to come and hang out. If the living room looks good, they want to be close. But that is a matter of how confident you are, how calm you are, how cool you are, how you are collected, and how you talk. And if that’s driven, that’s fine.

There is a third piece that no one thinks about. The third part says, where is that house? What goods did you take? What I mean by that is, where is this house? In which city? Because in some cities, people like to go on vacation. In some cities, people avoid it like a plague, don’t they? So how is this house town involved in the issue? Here’s the thing: If the resources you use are still in the space of your dreams, people want to be there. They want to be close to someone who has a beautiful exterior and a beautiful interior, doing good things in the world.


I don’t care how big your interior and exterior are, if you’re not in a good place in life and you’re not in a good shape, if you don’t chase your dreams, then people don’t want to take up wealth in that place. They do not want to get involved in that house. They do not want to go to that city. But when you find a treasure in an amazing place, there are also neighbors and they have great outdoor and indoor things, and you have an influence not only on the people around you and your environment but also on the people who come to visit you.

Do you take houses and land and put that home in a place where the world will see? Because yes, it is a dream to sell houses and land, but you go out to meet people and connect with people and show yourself who you are and take your heart and message into the world so that people can see you and give you a chance to show your outside, to see your inside, to influence. being able to take a real place in your dreams?





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