How Changing Your Vision Can Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster


Your brain is aiming for goals. When you set a goal, your mind unknowingly takes several tests to determine the distance (nearness), the degree to which it is possible (the size of the target), and the (ongoing) effort to get there. As you work toward the goal, your brain constantly counts and re-calculates these three changing factors.

Creating positive ideas for our goals can greatly increase our engagement, focus, productivity and motivation, and thus increase the speed at which we achieve ourselves. Here’s how to start building a target in your life:

Strategy 1: Zoom in (objective).
Studies have shown that people are closer to the target, work harder and faster. Write down all the work you have done and all the steps you have taken so far. Reminding yourself of past success will help your brain to see that you are closer to what was originally intended.

Strategy 2: Increase your target (chances of success).
When a target appears, when your brain believes it is going to hit you. Look at your current circumstances. Are there places where you believe you would not run home because the fence seems to be miles away? Just move the phones to make it look easier.

Strategy 3: Reset the pressure (power required).
To achieve any goal, a certain level of energy is required. The lower the mental cost, the faster your success in success. Research has shown that by changing your perception of these costs, you can increase your speed towards your target by 35 percent.




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