How to Keep Your Accounting High


If you have a full-time job and start a side hustle, you want to make sure you continue to live a life of responsiveness. Critical.

First, let’s divide the two forums: There are strategic activities and relationship functions. Performance strategies; it is our job to make things happen. Definitions of our work and on our part have a list of obligations, not obligations.

Accountability keeps your commitment to the people. And those bonds, most importantly, the commitment of relationships, the commitment that unites people. When we maintain those obligations, such as a commitment to values; commitment to you succeeds, I succeed; you fail, I fail; commitment to my word is my responsibility, then accountability remains high. And when we live that kind of life with that kind of focus and purpose, what I find is that most people will maintain a strategic commitment, both to their work and to their sides.

People are counting on you. People are counting on you. Making excuses for not doing something is not acceptable. Understand your responsibilities and keep them.


Remember, we are defined by what we say no to him. Sometimes we need to say no so as not to engage in work that will prevent us from keeping previous commitments. Some of those obligations can be strategic, others can be communicative.

Accountability keeps your commitment to the people, to your full-time job and to your side. And when you keep your commitment to people, you will respond.




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