Why Vision Is More Important Now Than Ever Before


Is vision important in the midst of a global epidemic? Certainly. In fact, it is more important than ever. Why? Because, as Andy Stanley puts it, “vision is rewarding.”

The more challenges you face, the more opposition you face, the more obstacles you try to overcome – the more you use the gas tank in your vision. And unless you, as a leader, fill yourself with the people you are trying to lead, they will lose contact with that extreme hope that keeps them in the race when they want to quit. So you have to inject that idea. That assumes you have a clear vision, and assumes that you are still talking about a vision.

Back in the middle of the Great Recession, I had a great coach who said to me, “You have to keep talking ideas.” So I mentioned the idea. I have been talking about this idea, even though it seems impossible to achieve it. Finally, one day I approached her and said, “I’m tired of hearing about the idea. You know, I feel like that’s all I’m talking about. I’m talking about a vision here, I’m talking about a vision. Can I stop? “If you’re tired of talking about a vision, you’re done.” Why? Because vision is rewarding. If you don’t fill up and bucket, no one else will go.


It may be the last good thing to do, but you have to give it a try. Yes, even in the midst of a crisis.




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