5 Tips for Setting Realistic Goals


How do you set realistic and reasonable goals?

IF YOU HIT ALL YOUR MINDS DEAD, YOU CANNOT MOVE SO fast. That’s because the only way to hit 100 percent of your goals is to set low targets. I think balancing first starts with company culture. If another level of failure is not tolerated, the intentions will be modest. When risk-taking is encouraged, people will strive to achieve higher levels of success.


-Gabriel Krajicek, Chief Executive Officer of Kasasa

I DO THIS BY DESCRIBING A LONG-TERM OUT I would like to create in a measurable way, and then make it into larger categories. For example, if your goal is to reach $ 1 million in sales, you can break that down into annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals. This transforms your seemingly desirable dreams into practical and practical action plans.

—Dan San, founder of Silicon Alley Consulting

It is my habit to set goals every year, not just for myself but for my entire team. Setting expectations and having regular check-ups are common to keep the team moving in the right direction. Realism involves understanding and aligning resources to support these goals.

-Mary Rodgers, marketing director at Cuisinart

LOOKING AT SUCH SUCCESSFUL BANDS BACK TO THEIR INDUSTRIES I WANT TO IMITATE. In this way, I know how to set goals for the current market share, census, potential customer access and product awareness.


-Fritz Colcol, chief executive officer of ABN Circle

I START BY TAKING MY SPIRITUAL GOALS LONG AND LONG. Next, I find out which categories are most important for advancing those goals in the next quarter. I then turned those quarterly records into a practical plan, informing me how I was spending my time in that quarter.

-Lynn Perkins, CEO and founder of UrbanSitter




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