Side Hustle Problem: You Can Do It, Do It And Be More


Happily the apprenticeships at many companies have changed since I was a paid summer student following my second year of college. I was not paid at all to be a writer at the time, so I think you can say that donating plasma for $ 55 a week was my real work of the day. That was enough to pay for ramen noodles and frozen pizza while I slept on a friend’s sofa and worked for free every day trying to build what I hoped would be a job.

The writing, of course, was a side view. But I followed my love, stuck to it and built a life around them. In time, writing became a chore. Some years later I grew up as an editor, which created opportunities to explore other passions that I did not even know I had.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. It requires self-discipline, and you never know how this process can improve you and when you change your life for the better.


Our side promises lives of purpose for all of us. This problem is presented in the ways in which they help us grow.
Our cover article in this issue, the powerful Jay Shetty, gives another example that following a sharp interest down in a rabbit hole will definitely change your life in ways you would never have imagined. Jay was a helpless college kid who fell on the side of watching monastic hobbies, which turned him into one of the world’s most passionate advocates for their timeless strategies to achieve satisfaction and sense of purpose.

Our side promises lives of purpose for all of us. This problem is presented in the ways in which they help us grow.

In it, we present an exciting new column by Amy Anderson, “The Side Hustler,” designed for anyone who balances his business on the side of a straight gig or family ties – anyone who wants a perfect life, in other words. Every other problem is full of stories that are meant to help you be more productive and better understand and appreciate the opportunities available. Articles in the May / June issue of SUCCESS should instill confidence in what you can do, make and do.

Life is more than just work. Life is so much more than just one aspect of your knowledge. Life is so much more, period: It’s happiness, health, growth, purpose and your quest for success.

We’d better get busy.




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