4 Respected Daily Goals You Can Strive for


What is it that you keep fighting for, and why?

SOMETHING I HAVE FIGHTED EVERY DAY FOR MYSELF FROM THE PREGNANCY DAY. This daily goal has led to a steady growth in my life since I started my own company in 2012. Thinking and learning from the mistakes of the past helps me to improve. I strive to be my best version every day.

-Nishant Shah, CEO and founder of BannerBuzz

AFTER FINDING A COMPANY WITH A THINKING PRODUCT, you should think about a lot of important things. There is not a single thing you keep trying to do. There are many things in the system that are needed for each other, and they all work for the purpose of going to your goal. I have to prioritize cruelty until I make sure I get the most important things. I have to stay calm when I face adversity, so that I can lead the team in it.

-Chris Nicholson, CEO and founder of Skymind


I CONTINUE TO CONTINUE TO WORK TO CREATE A CULTURE OF STRONG WORK AND THANKS 100% of our remote team. Allowing people to work on their own terms is something I strongly believe in, but it is important that existing systems support that effort. I’m always looking for ways to make the remote work experience more workable by looking at the process, and enriching it more from the personal.

-Zack Onisko, chief executive of Dribbble

I AM HAPPY OR I FEEL WHY I AM MAKING PROGRESS. Without your level, you have never really reached it. There is always progress to be made, and I am fighting for that.

-Rachel Beider, chief executive of PRESS Modern Massage





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