3 Myths About Goals That Draw You Before You Start


So much has been written about setting goals. If Google “sets goals for itself,” it will be presented with 372 million results. (Conversely, if you search for “laziness,” you’ll get only 24.9 million results.)

Many good minds have explored this topic, so why are we fighting so hard on how to do this successfully?

This is because widely held misconceptions about setting goals prevent many people from getting started. Once you have gone through these common myths and confirmed the process, it will take the pressure off of you and begin to see the movement towards your goals.

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Myth 1: The goal is to end.
With phrases floating around, What is your ultimate goal? I can see why people are hanging on to this. However, goals are not a destination.


Often, when people don’t hit their goal, they get frustrated because things didn’t go the way they thought they should, and they give up. They think they just don’t have what they need, when all they have to do is recalculate.

Suppose you were traveling with a friend and you entered an address on your GPS. Your goal is to reach your destination. Along the way, there may be an accident. There may be climate change. You may have to take another route to get to your destination.

In business, this could mean that you spend a lot of money, people do not return your calls, or the contract is not permanent.

All of these are just deviations and obstacles that you can navigate along the way to your goal. Goals are not set on stone; They are designed to guide you in the right way. Sometimes you don’t achieve your goal, and that’s OK. What matters is that you make progress.


Myth 2: Goals are fixed once they are written down.
This paralyzes people more than anything else I see. If you do not know exactly what topic you want, where you want to live or how much you should save, you set a goal because you are not ready to write it down.

We know from research that there is a good chance you will achieve your goal when you write down. The good news? No one has ever said you can’t review it. You should consider any goal setting document as a valid draft. Just get started.

If you have trouble setting goals, just zoom in and start with: What difference can I make today in my business or in my life?

The most important resources a person has are time, energy and splendor. You want to use your time, energy and intelligence to get the best result. What does that look like in your particular context?

Myth 3: I need to wait until I use a certain framework completely.
If you go to conferences or read goals, that person tells you to follow a formula. But if you follow the formula directly, it does not work the way it is sold to you. This is because you are a different person, in a different place in the world, with your own set of flexibility.


For example, you can live in California, but the person who told you to use XYZ lives in Wyoming! Yes, a different society, a different economy, and a different environment.

What is the solution? Learn the best of the best. As you study their steps of success, ask yourself:

What makes the most sense to me?
What can I do?
Where do I need to hit the pivot?
How can I make this more consistent with what I’m trying to do?
Find out where you are going, learn the best, and choose how fast you will go and follow the wisdom of others. You will be on your way to success soon.


Now that we’ve released the myths, here’s how you can start setting your 2020 goals:

Start with eight areas of your life:

Health / Welfare
Business / Work
Social / Friends
Next, look at the next 25 years and divide it into five years of increase. During that five-year promotion, decide: What do I do within 12 to 18 months to reach my goal?

After all, within these goals there are three or five behaviors or habits that you need to use to move forward. For example, under health / well-being, if you want to lose 15 pounds, do you drink the right amount of water? Cutting fried food? Do you walk every day?

Lastly, get paid every month, and then get back on track. The prizes will help give you the strength to go on for a long time – you just want to make sure you get back to it after you finish celebrating.

Goal setting will not work until you are sure that this is what you really want. What you want, what you want. If you don’t want it, you won’t follow it.

So, how bad do you want to be?





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