11 Tips to Letting Go of Past Failure and Accepting the Future


Failure is a part of life. It is inevitable, but it is impossible to get lost if you do not learn from it. Most entrepreneurs have fallen out of their lives – some more injured than others. However, those who reach the top do so only by dusting themselves off and looking at what their failures have taught them. Instead of seeing failure as an insurmountable setback, these entrepreneurs see it as a learning experience and a guide for a different path.

How does one overcome the idea of ​​failure as a stumbling block? To learn more, we contacted 12 contributors at the YEC, to find out how they did it to stop past failures and embrace the future.

  1. Use your failures to succeed.
    If it were easy, you would not fail. Your failures can be the result of doing something difficult, new, and challenging. Take a moment to brag that you tried even anything that led to failure. Remind yourself of the respect that remains in that and take pride in doing something worthwhile. Look back to find the motivation to find it in the future.

—Matthew Podolsky, Florida Legal Counsel, P.

  1. Track your progress and accomplishments.
    When we fail, it is easy to feel that we are made to repeat our mistakes. The best way to get rid of that bad feeling is to follow up – with writing tasks, a web browser or phone app – activities you’ve completed every day. These activities can include if you use this day, how many things you have completed in your to-do list or how you got permission for a particular project. We are much more successful than we think.
  • Patrick Barnhill, ID Inc. Specialist
  1. Cry, then move on.
    I have failed as an entrepreneur many times. I have found that being open about my failings in the family and with friends helps to ease my burden and inspire a new life for me. In the end, I have to make the decision to give up and to stay focused on the future. It takes time to process failures… similar to the stages of grief. Cry for failure, then move on.

-Robby Scott Berthume, Bull & Beard

  1. Don’t dwell on past failures.
    Focusing on past failures without significant learning is a pure and easy waste of time. That is not the way to become successful. After all, we want to learn and change the way we behave – after all, they say that apologizing without change is just deception. So instead of dwelling on the past or minimizing the problem with a false sense of accomplishment, make a real deal with yourself and learn the lesson inside.

-Nicole Munoz, Nicole Munoz Consulting Inc.

  1. Use the mistakes to figure out which way to go.
    Failure has the advantage of showing you which direction you should not go, and we never stop learning from them. I find limitations (such as failures) to help open up a clear path forward, and when there seems to be a million opportunities, that really helps to navigate. It’s like a Battleship game: Each miss helps you lock inside your target.
  • Richard Fong, Bliss Drive
  1. Enjoy a fresh start.
    It is important to remember that past failure does not mean, but how you react to it. Failure to do something simply means that you are starting anew with a completely new understanding and perspective. Enjoy a fresh start.
  • Rana Gujral, Morals
  1. Avoid pointing fingers at others.
    If you blame others for your failures, you will never be able to move forward and succeed. It is important that you are responsible for your actions as an adult so that you can continue to know that you are doing the right thing. It is even harder to accept new beginnings if you hold a grudge or blame others for your mistakes.

—Stephanie Wells, Awesome Forms

  1. Accept where you are.
    Are you denying where you are in your comparison work where you want to be? Sometimes we deceive ourselves to help us deal with our shortcomings and failures, no matter how old they may be. It is important to remain honest with yourself because that is the only way you will be able to move on to better things.
  • Jared Atchison, WPForms
  1. Remember that you are a different person now.
    It’s hard to overcome the feeling of failure in the past. It helps to remember that you are no longer the person you used to be. Today, you have learned many important lessons. You have met different people and had different experiences. You are a different person because of the experience you have had. Promise to learn from the past and you will do better in this.
  • Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner
  1. Shift your mindset to say thank you.
    Moving forward after a difficult failure, switch your mind to one of the gratitude. Think of the challenges and failures as your side, which calls for growth. Without failures and challenges, life would be boring and unfulfilling.

—Rachel Beider, Press Current Massage

  1. Do not look at mistakes as describing features.
    We often view our own mistakes as our own defining characteristics. The fact is, most of our inner motivation is self-made and we are the only ones who notice! If you want to break free from your past failures, you must acknowledge the fact that you made mistakes, learned valuable lessons, and are ready for a fresh start.
  • Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights



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