Experiences You Have To Develop To Develop The Conqueror’s Mind


The passing of various life experiences has taught me what it takes to achieve your highest potential. I know if you read this you want more in life and you might get stuck right now. What I have found is true that there is not much difference between talent between the winners and the average player in any area of ​​life. Successful people are simply willing to do what most people are not willing to do. The big difference lies in their level of desire to work and achieve their dreams.

Here are 7 steps you can take to begin the journey:

  1. Frequent failure
    It’s funny but the most successful people in the world are the ones who have the most failures under their belt. Most people think that success is a straight line from point A to point B but that is not true. Thomas Edison, founder of light bulb and founder of General Electric, has performed more than a thousand failed tests. You have only succeeded after those thousands of failed attempts and as a result we have a home light today.

We learn more from our mistakes than what we do with our victories even though none of us like defeat. Most people are afraid of failing in part because of the educational system that undermines what people do. Avoiding mistakes by all means is the greatest mistake and injustice you can do. The key is to learn from your mistakes so that you can make better decisions in the future.

“Failure is not fatal, but failure to convert may be” – John Wooden

  1. Dealing with rejection
    Everyone has a natural desire and needs to be loved and accepted by other people. The only problem is that not everyone will love you and accept you no matter what you do. What you need to understand is that even if some people reject you, there are others who like you.

Learning to manage rejection is important if you want to achieve anything important in your life. In most cases, it is not the people who are rejected but the things you stand for. So don’t take it personally. The most successful retailers are the ones who understand this and do not let that rejection stop them.

They continue until they find the right customers who share their enthusiasm for their products. As long as you are safe who you are as a person, you will be able to face rejection.

  1. Hitting the bottom of a rock
    The year 2020 was a turning point in our lives. For some people, it has put them at a high level of success while it has been a disaster for others. Without the number of deaths due to coronavirus, many people lose their livelihood and find it difficult to survive. Difficulty in families has never existed yet as people try to recover from the negative consequences.

The experience has been a hidden blessing for those who have chosen to view it that way. For one thing, losing everything you value is giving you a new perspective on what really matters. Some people value their jobs so much that they neglect their families, but their employers do not value them very much. I am well aware that those experiences have led some to become entrepreneurs and see their true power.

  1. Dealing with haters
    The more successful you are in life, the more you will become a target for those who hate you. One of the prisons most committed is in subjection to the opinions of others. People will always talk about you and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

If you have people taking guns from you, know that they are jealous of what you have achieved. They want to be in your position but they can’t because they are not willing to do what is required. They have dreams that they have no excuse for not achieving them.

That’s why living with the right people is important because there are those who are threatened with your success. The people you should spend most of your time with are the ones who will celebrate instead of shooting you.

  1. Being truthful
    Imitating other people in some way is necessary for success in any area of ​​life. This is what some call the law of modeling and modeling. This does not mean that you have to be exactly like them. Doing so is frustrating not only for you but also for the people who look up to you.

If you are not the person, other people may say so and you will find it difficult to truly communicate with you. Why do people try to be like everyone else? Because it gives them a sense of belonging and comfort even though it is a lie. It’s so easy to be yourself instead of trying to live other people’s lives.

Choosing honesty is when you start attracting the right people into your life; and those that should not be in your life will begin to fall as a result.

  1. Control your emotions
    Emotional intelligence is one of the most important things you need to develop in order to see your full potential. On your way up you will experience mood swings before you get there. Some days you will feel like you are on earth and at other times, you will feel defeated. The most successful people, however, do not let their emotions guide their lives but use them as an incentive. Whether it’s the joy of winning or the pain of defeat, they use their emotions to do what they should do.

There is a powerful lesson I learned from the book, “Defined: Who God Say You Are”. The lesson is that although emotions are powerful spokesmen, they are not reliable sources of truth. One of the most memorable examples of this came to mind was a critical basketball game involving Michael Jordan.

In the 1997 NBA Finals the Chicago Bulls faced an inspiring Utah Jazz team with talented players as well. With the series tied 2-2 with Chicago playing on the road, Michael Jordan became ill from eating poison. The midfielders would not be out of the game but he felt obligated to his teammates that they would do it. He played with pain and had one of his biggest games ever led the team to success.

“Feelings are almost like waves, we can’t stop it from coming but we can choose which one to drive over it.” – Jonathan Martensson

  1. Uncomfortable with your current situation
    Lastly, you will never go beyond your limits by staying in your comfort zone. This does not mean that you should suddenly quit your job and start pursuing your dreams; that would be foolish to say a little. What I mean by that is that you have to start stretching and put yourself in situations that will force you to grow.

The more you refuse to pay for the crumbs of life he gives you, the more you will understand what you have done. You need to be more relaxed and you will find yourself accomplishing more than you ever thought possible. Sometimes you need that kick to push you to the next level. If you have been beaten for a long time at some point you will feel that it is enough.

When you meet people in that position, you will find that they have a strong urge for them to flow through their bodies. They are determined to win and to do whatever is needed to remove all obstacles along the way.

Which of the following best describes you? Comment below!





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