Are SMART goals holding you back?


Everyone is always talking about their GOALS. They want to make it look like they are making great strides towards a certain area of ​​perfection in which they will crucify like a bullseye with their focus, purpose, manifestation, or whatever. And the framework they use for this?

SMART Objectives!

Yes. That pulp is an investigative acronym of gas-age gaslighting. “Oops!” I hear you say. “A worm? Lighting gas? But … this is a very important and effective way to plan your goals so that you know what you want in life !! “


Really? OK, young man at SMART. Asambe …

S = Specified. All right. How do you want to be clarified? Do you want X dollars in the bank? What if you save a lot? Less? Is that a failed goal? What if your objective is to feel good about yourself every day? What does that mean? What is clear is the goal post, people.

M = Estimated. I’m ready for this, to some degree. What measurement is held, right? Unless, of course, the goal is immeasurable. As a feeling. Or a place. Or the situation.

A = Achieved (or accessible). This is where the baron section raises its head to this. Who won, exactly? To someone who tells you not to? Or about you? Or was it someone else who did it? Think about whatever you would like to do in life. If even one person in history has done it, it is possible. Any reason not to limit.


R = Real (or relevant). I don’t like the “proper” version, because obviously when you have something you want to do it suits you, and that’s all the connection you need. But… is it real? I think old maudlin of the movie noir and the boy at the desk saying, “someday, you’re all going to be my job,” and a big man with a fat cigar and laughter at the back, laughing, “be serious… you’re a desk jockey, and that’s it only you will ever be! Just be happy that you have a job with a good pension! ”Everything around you in life, from your shoes to your computer to paint on your walls to a device in your hand that can access ALL human information in milliseconds – is all created by people who are not smarter or more talented than you. Without them, “true” was a liquid concept.

T = Based on time. One. Time limit. Make it happen on [DATE] or you have failed to achieve your goal (ergo: unattainable). Outside… what happens if you reach it next year? Or earlier? Or never, but still feel amazing? A timely structure is another mark based on a system that determines the authenticity of an objective, and is simply not accurate. Not for life’s purposes.

“Our goals can only be achieved through a system vehicle, where we have to believe strongly, and where we have to work hard. There is no other way to success. ”—Pablo Picasso


SMART is old news. SMART keeps people normal, but gives them the illusion of doing something unusual. SMART is a comfort, it pretends to take you out of your comfort zone.

SMART actually works best for business projects: We need to get X results (specific) up to Y (average), budget Z (achievable) with A deviation (true), at the end of B months ( based on time).

Your life is not a company project. So do not confuse SMART terms with auditory or accurate intentions. Just plan what you want, but here are two specific types of goals you follow:

Procedures. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. It’s funny enough, not the intentions themselves, but the steps along the way. “I went to graduation school!” it is not the intention. It is the purpose of the process. Why are you going to graduate from school?

Only goals. These are the goals you really want. What you want, is to give you the feeling you want, based on the feeling you have of your way.


How do you know? Consider the following item on your list. The next milestone. Is that the goal? If you think it is, say it aloud. Then enter “so” at the end, and complete the sentence.

“I want to lose 20 lbs in the summer.” to…
“I feel happy for myself.” to…
“I could spend more time with my family.” to…
“I will be able to enjoy them for as long as possible.” to…
“They will miss me very much.”
You see? The goal is not 20 lbs. It is an idea to make an impact, TO FEEL as if they will be remembered as best they can.

This is just an example. You can do “sos” all the way, and maybe move on for other purposes. But the point is, know that your goal is the goal of the process, and that it is the ultimate goal. And don’t worry if you’re not SMART so… you’ll know when you’re on the right track where you feel, precisely, that you’re doing what you need to do, and you feel comfortable with it.





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