3 Practices to Transform You into a Top Maker


Skipping a code to truly unlock your potential in life or business has been researched by many over the years. Everyone wants a “secret” to succeed. The fact is, the consequences of our actions in life depend on the choices we make every day. Do we choose to play Xbox, watch real tv and hours of Netflix entertainment or do we choose things that will move the needle in our lives?

You see, we have chosen from the time we wake up until we hit the sack. Therefore, choosing our time wisely is the most important part of the puzzle when it comes to success. Making the right choices will allow you to create an environment conducive to daily routines that will lead to life and business.

Here are 3 techniques that will transform you into a great maker.

  1. Creating Internal Work Space
    Taking time to meditate and meditate is one of the greatest things a person can do in his life. Not only will you start by discovering aspects of our lives that you may not know but you will also begin to gain the ability to express all your dreams and aspirations.

Needless to say, daily meditation enhances inner well-being and happiness. Two things are absolutely essential for success. If all your time is spent in emotional turmoil, it will be very difficult to improve. Meditation can help a person remove the emotional drama from their lives.

As you begin to get closer to your life your feelings are set aside, when you need them set aside, you will see your life change in many deep ways. Note, the goal is not to remove emotions from your life and become a robot but to gain power in it and not let them control your life.

  1. Exercise and a healthy diet
    Creating space in your life for strenuous physical activity can enhance your health in many ways. Not only will you start by setting some goals that you may have wanted in the cosmetics department, but you will also start to focus more. When you exercise daily, your energy levels increase. It’s simpler and easier to get into every day. It simply comes down to the law of inertia: a moving object, constantly moving.

If that’s not surprising in itself, throw in a healthy diet and now you have a recipe for unlocking some critical energy. No pun intended. In order to really focus on your most productive activities, you need to maintain mental clarity. It becomes an uphill battle to maintain that mental clarity if you give your brain and body the proper fuel. It’s like putting gasoline in a diesel-powered car.

If you put food in your body without junk food, your body has to go into overdrive to use it. So not only do you get the nutrients you need but now most of your energy is focused on your digestive system just to transfer food. If you use all your energy to digest food on your own, your brain will be left to dry.


“A top player is someone who says, I want to be at the forefront of what I’m doing.” – Brendon Burchard

  1. Non-List
    Everyone and their mother will tell you to focus on your to-do list if you want to be more productive. But when it comes to our to-do list, we are simply adding things to our daily routine. When we add things that will move the needle into our lives, we need to make space and remove things that don’t move.

This was taken from Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins. To-do list is a list of things you can no longer do. A list of things you confirm, in writing, that you will no longer participate in.

It can be a lot of things like not going to social media during the day, not watching TV during the week & not socializing too much when you have things to do (especially if they are toxic, then sadly taking a boot). It is incredibly important to begin the commitment by bringing awareness of where your time is going. If you want to succeed, understand that TIME is your most important asset.



The fact is that there is no real secret to success. Everyone has their own way of approaching their desires in life. But in order to see how we can get there (which is nowhere to go, it is a lifelong journey) we need to start from the inside.

We need to examine ourselves, start work and at the same time take steps to create the lives we truly desire. Plan an attack plan, make a commitment and take action. Emphasis on action because most people will do the first two and never follow and lead them on a path of misery and imperfection.

Whether you succeed or not depends on your identity as the decisions you make every day, every minute of every day. And just know, habits like this are just like a tinder waiting to set you on fire.





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