How to Create a Meaningful Time Quickly for Real Change


Change can be difficult for anyone, but if you are looking to change your life quickly and make it last, there are some actions you can take that will improve your chances of success. The thing that will give you the biggest boost is celebrating a little win with each step you take is a lasting change. Here’s how to do it.

Make a decision
This may sound simple, but it is not as simple as it sounds. How many times in the past have you wanted to change something in your life but say you are not ready yet? Or maybe you postponed making changes until the next day came and went faster than you expected, so you did not follow?

Decision making is a non-negotiable, non-negotiable option that you commit to. There is no room for complacency and ruin your efforts because you are willing to explode whether you are ready or not. It is this level of commitment that makes the difference between temporary and permanent change because you do not just decide once and for all. You have to make a decision many times every time you want to quit or change.


This is one of the most important and powerful skills you will learn how to apply in your own life. And once you have used it, you can use it to create change at a faster rate than ever before.

Change natural features
It’s really hard to let go of the same space you’ve been in. That doesn’t mean you have to move or completely regenerate your environment to create change. But it does mean that you need to look at your location and ask yourself these two questions:

What in my area supports the change I want in my life?
What is in my area that prevents the change I want in my life?
By asking these questions and taking a trusted list, you may be surprised at what needs to be changed in your area to meet your new needs. Maybe you just need a new plant or make sure the dishes are cleaned every night before going to bed. Maybe you need a new organization box to keep your bathroom items in order. Or maybe you have a bed you hate that needs to be replaced. In any case, making changes to the information it provides will help you to come closer to making permanent changes.


“The secret to change is to focus on all your strengths, not on creative struggles, but on innovation.” – Socrates

Shift your habits
Now that you have spoken your thoughts and your nature, it is time to look at how you are behaving. All of these things work together to make a difference. They do not stand on the test of time themselves. So the next thing you need to focus on is how you are.

When you change your habits, you need to be careful what you do. You have to remove things from autopilot and make deliberate decisions. You may need to change one practice at a time, or you may need to make drastic changes at once. Whichever way you approach it, spending 60 to 90 days of deliberate practice will help you get rid of old patterns and build automated behaviors. This requires commitment to the process and a commitment to change. But every time you choose a behavior that you want to express in your life, you build a sense of belonging.


Dela excuses
This is one of the most destructive behaviors that can disrupt your progress if you are not careful. Excuses do not appear and tell you to throw away everything that has worked so far. Excuses tell you that you have broken your commitment just once. The problem is that once you’ve broken your commitment to yourself, it’s hard to go back to keeping it.

There will always be a reason to go back. Problems, fears, and difficult times will arise, and you will want to return to your comfort zone. Don’t. If you don’t learn to hold on to your new standards of change when things get tough, then they won’t be part of you, and you get to do better because you’re ready for the next level yourself. So stick to the decision you have made and commit to this new version of your life.





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