Small Stories

Story: Sharpen Your Skills


Long ago a strong woodcutter asked for a job from a lumberman, and he got one. His salary was very good as well as working conditions. For this reason, the woodcutter was willing to do whatever he could.

His boss gave him an ax and showed him where to cross the trees. On the first day, the woodcutter came down with 15 trees.

“Congratulations,” said the manager. “Keep up the good work!”

Deeply moved by his boss’s words, the woodcutter tried hard the next day, but only 10 trees fell. On the third day he tried very hard, but he managed to cut down 7 trees.

Every day he brought a small number of trees to the ground.

“I must be exhausted,” thought the woodcutter. He approached the manager and apologized, saying that he did not understand what was happening.


“When did you last sharpen your ax?” asked the manager.
“Lola? I didn’t have time to sharpen my ax. I was too busy trying to cut down trees …”

All right. Most of us have NEVER renewed our skills. We think that whatever we have learned is enough. But the good is not good if the best is expected. Sharpening our skills from time to time is the key to success.



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