Stop Complaining Start Fulfilling


Your complaint status is taking away from your success. In fact it would not be a mistake to associate this with Newton’s law that complaining and gaining success are equal in magnitude but contrary to nature. This means that the more you complain about your circumstances, the less likely you are to go where you are going and vice versa.

In addition, if you continue to complain, you will give birth to two more ‘suspicious’ and ‘critical’ mental illnesses. When you don’t like your situation you start finding fault with the people around you and you start blaming and criticizing your failure. So all three diseases, complaints, suspicions and criticisms strengthen their roots in your brain and ultimately this negative attitude becomes a part of your personality. When you complain you waste your precious time.

You build up the evil forces that accumulate in your brain that rob you of peace of mind that leads to permanent mental anguish and that is why physical, mental and emotional losses do not come close to any kind of gain. On the contrary, if you are a hard worker, you believe in your abilities instead of luck. He believes in power now. He believes in the power of making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen.


Your analytical skills give you the luxury of splitting a big problem into smaller problems and then starting to fix each problem one by one, approaching your ultimate goal slowly and firmly. So now is the time to decide whether you would like to live as a failure by complaining, blaming and criticizing OR living as a successful chapter, one who does not waste time looking at the past, one who has no negative thinking process, one who sees and one who is committed to focus on everything. Complaints cause exhaustion and you are in a state of exhaustion in this competitive world.




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