How to Cope With Negative Neglect


It’s hard to control the names people use for us and some people kick in saying hurtful things. Here are a few things you can do to maintain your happiness and prevent bad words from damaging your day.

  1. If someone tries to annoy or belittle you, do not participate in the game. If you do not participate in the game, he will leave you, because it takes two to play this game.
  2. Tell yourself that you will always be calm, happy and hopeful, no matter what people say or do. Repeat these words over and over, until your mind accepts them unconditionally.
  3. Give people a chance to doubt. Do not assume that someone is trying to provoke you or to hurt you. At other times, they may be joking or may have a bad day.
  4. Pause and think, before responding naturally or taking emotions. Maybe people aren’t talking about you? Do not dwell on conclusions, without first thinking.

Remember; while you can control what people say, your reaction is your own responsibility. Have a great week.





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