Set Your Success in 40 Minutes or less


Warming up the Brain (10 min.)
The best way to move the fog of the brain and easily lower yourself during the day is to find that the gears are grinding up as soon as you are ready to open your eyes. The best part is, you can do this while in bed! When your alarm goes off (either the first alarm or one of the three backup alarms you have set), get to where you are holding your brain fuel source on the nightstand.

Brain fat can be anything from a sports article, to a sudie puzzle, or to a word search app on your phone. Writing is a great way to awaken your mind – or to watch a few clips from your dynamic speaker on YouTube; anything that will skip starting your thinking train, works. Once you have completed your puzzle or completed the entry in your bloodstream, you will have more clarity and awareness as you enter the day.


Consent (5 min.)
Now that your mind has been involved, start reminding yourself of your intentions. Come and learn the credentials that will lead you to what you want to accomplish in a day, a week, a month, or a year. Whether it’s a long-term goal of work, or a desire to do better in your relationship, reminding yourself of those goals establishes a foundation for focus and motivation.

Warming up (10 min.)
Okay, time to go. Warming up is not an individual exercise, it is just a matter of your blood rush. It can be as organized or comfortable as you would like, as long as it works to empower you. Make high kicks and extreme twists — good jump jacks, or take a walk around the back of your yard.

If you lack motivation, look at your favorite ways to exercise and repeat some of the less stressful things in your bedroom or living room. If you want more make-up, spend five minutes stretching and walking for 5 minutes. Also, you are trying to move your body just enough to increase your strength.

“If you win in the morning, you win the day.” – Tim Ferriss


Action List (10 min.)
Writing down your daily activities is important. Making a to-do list encourages you to keep focused. When all your important tasks are listed in front of you, it becomes easier to manage your time and to manage your day effectively. I’ll tell you my secret to making a to-do list: keep it simple.

Don’t set yourself up for failure by writing down too many things that you know you won’t be able to complete in one day. The to-do lists should be treated and bring a sense of relief, not a sense of dread. Don’t forget to re-evaluate whether all your activities are in line with your goals for the day and your goals.


Two-Minute Activities (5 min.)
If you have a job or a job that takes two minutes or less to do, do it now. Things like: removing dishwashing machines, arranging dental appointments, or placing an online order for many of your dog’s favorite treats, often fall into this category. Most people postpone doing these low-level jobs because they do not see the serious consequences if they are postponed until later.

But when small tasks begin to accumulate, they can create big problems, cluttering your mental space and your visual space. Take things easy off the road first so you can focus on the big things. When I don’t have two-minute jobs, I usually spend this time fixing up a problem room in the house, or logging in to my email and quickly making my inbox. If you can get a few things out of your plate before your day starts, you will feel a lot of energy to do whatever is yet to come.

Make it your own
Play around the process above to see what works for you. Maybe you prefer to make your body move first because everything becomes easier from there. If you start the day by agreeing to your position, do so. Do not overdo it with too much pressure. If you’re not a student, watch TedTalk for brain oil. If you can’t come up with your own credentials, find examples online. Use this series of actions as a basis to build your inspiration in the morning and customize as needed. Set goals for yourself regardless of when your day begins.





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