Small Stories

Story: A piece of paper


One day the teacher asked her students to write the names of other students in the room on two pieces of paper, leaving a space between each word. He then told them to think of the best thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down. As the students leave the room, each hands a piece of paper. That Saturday, the teacher wrote each student’s name on a separate slip of paper, and he listed all the other people’s comments about that person.

The students were excited about them and enjoying each other’s company.
‘I never knew I had anything to say to anyone!’ and, ‘I did not know that others liked me very much,’ and so were many opinions. The students were excited about them and enjoying each other’s company.

Several years later, one of the students was killed while in the military, and his teacher attended that special student’s funeral. He had never seen a funeral soldier in a military coffin before. She looked beautiful, mature. The ground was full of his friends. One by one his loved ones made the final journey near the coffin. The teacher was the last to pass.

While he was still standing there, one of the soldiers who worked as a bearer of cattle came to him. ‘Are you Karim’s math teacher?’ he asks.


He nodded: ‘yes.’ Then he said: ‘Karim has talked a lot about you.’ After the funeral, most of Karim’s former classmates walked together for lunch. Karim’s mother and father were there, obviously waiting to speak to her teacher. ‘We want to show you something,’ said his father, pulling a purse out of his pocket ‘They found this in Karim when he was killed. We thought you could see it. ‘Opening the wallet, he carefully removed the two worn-out pieces of paper that had apparently been typed, folded, and stamped several times. The teacher knew without hesitation that the papers were the ones that had written down all the good things that Karim’s classmate had said about her. ‘Thank you so much for doing that,’ said Karim’s mother. ‘As you can see, Karim appreciated it.’ All of Karim’s classmates began to meet. They said they all had that piece of paper as a souvenir.

That’s when the teacher finally sat down and cried. He cried for Karim and all his friends who would never see him again.

The population is so large that we forget that life will end one day. And we do not know when that one day will come. So please tell the people you love and care about, that they are special and important. Tell them, before it’s too late.




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