Small Stories

Story: Orange Dealer


The man used to buy oranges from an old woman.
After they were weighed, paid for and placed in her purse, she would always pick one out of her bag, peel it off, put a portion in her mouth, complain of being sour and pass the orange to the seller.

The old woman would put one piece in her mouth and answer, “why, it’s so sweet,” but at that moment she left with her bag.

His wife, who lives with him, always asked, “Oranges are always delicious, so why is this drama always?”
Smiling, “my old mother sells delicious oranges but never eats them herself. This way I make her eat one, without losing her money. That’s all.”
A vegetable seller next to an old woman, she could see this every day.
He cried and said, “Every time this man argues with your oranges, and I can see that you always measure a few more. Why?”
The old woman smiled, “I know this is making me feed oranges, only, you think I don’t understand. I’ve never gained more weight. Her love tends to scale a little bit more often.”

The joy of life lies in these wonderful acts of love and respect for other people. God, give us always the power to show extraordinary kindness and to touch something.




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