What Is Your Life Purpose?


Do you know your purpose in life? Have you ever found a purpose in life? Have you ever considered ‘living a healthy life’ if not – even if you missed a boat – or do you feel that it doesn’t really matter?

It is never too late to find and live a purpose in life. You find your purpose today. You share it with your friends and family – it’s amazing to be a part of your journey!

Remember who you are, what makes you happy; why are you here You may say, “I want to achieve my dreams, but, dreams continue to change, that’s not the purpose of life.”

Your goal can be a happy reflection of who you are. If you stick to your goal, the quality of your dreams and your life will automatically change for the better.


Your goal can be anything to give you progress in life. Your goal is anything that touches your heart and makes a difference in you. If you work for a living just for money, and what you do does not make you feel proud, you lose the feeling of Life Purpose. Examine yourself regularly – how you feel: how your life is flowing or whether you are adjusting to every point.

Most people are busy responding to the demands of daily life to be happy just by passing the day. Life is full of everyday problems and they always feel normal. By pointing to your goal, you will have more energy and more focus. Now you will have more time to do anything and you will be able to do the hard work easily and happily. You will find real happiness in life.

How can you determine the purpose of life?

Make a list of three achievements (accomplishments come as a gift) and success (success you have worked so hard for) in your life, to this day you are proud and loving. About this you can say, “I did that; I gained it and I feel good. ”

Write down the names of someone you love, learn something from them and have a deep meaning in your mind.


Write it down easily and quickly; as you write the first one, the other two will come.

Now look at the pattern, what is the most common thing that has made you feel good about those achievements. What did you enjoy about each of these examples?

Now connect with what you are feeling about events and about yourself. Try to stay broad and have common statements. Maybe all the things listed will be fun and you are learning something new now.

Some people become interested in their Purpose for Life as soon as they define it. Some may be unsure if the Life Purpose stated is true for them. You may not be familiar with anything until you do something about a particular project. If you have trouble finding all the points in the above questions, you are on the right track.

Few people feel that the main purpose of life is to be comfortable. If you find yourself thinking that way, stop and think.


Many people live with purpose, and then ask themselves the question… “What can I do right now to make my purpose known in space?” Then work from the bottom of the list. When you do, you will remind yourself that you can choose your goal and do something GREAT.

You can have your Life Purpose focused on one or more. Look at your life this way. Imagine that you see an airplane flight, so to speak, to visualize your purpose in life. After that enjoy taking a flight and “feel” about it .. If your goal comes from what you feel you are on the right path for your journey. And he will accomplish all that you desire or desire. Just understanding Life Purpose will make your life more enjoyable and enjoyable.





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