4 Tips for Improving Your Thinking Patterns


Good mind, good discovery.
To maintain optimism, your brain needs positive, consistent thoughts. Thoughts are like seeds. Good quality seeds produce good results. On the contrary, even with extra care, a bad seed may fail to produce a good crop. Go back to the topic, thoughts repetition of words in the mind and unconscious. You need to strengthen your thinking patterns by practicing ‘good reading’ and ‘speaking with conviction’ which will lead to happiness and health of body, mind and soul. Of course, only words will change your mood but your response to your situations is linked to the quality of your thoughts.

The quality of your thoughts determines the degree of peace of mind and the indication of your happiness. The quality of thoughts determines how you ‘fix’ the past (in your brain), how you respond to the present and how you plan for the future.

Garbage has come in, garbage has come out. You need to make sure you are feeding your brain properly and intelligently. Here’s what you need to do today to improve your thinking process:


1- Read intelligent quotes, inspirational short stories and success stories. Subscribe to sensible Facebook pages and unsubscribe from junk (poems, funny videos, political talk shows, etc.)
2- Stay away from polluted souls. Choose your friends carefully
3- Create specific vocabulary and apply this in your daily conversations.
4- Practice gratitude. At the end of each day, reflect on all the good things in your day and thank God from the heart.

Do you need success and happiness? Work on your thoughts! Great ideas, amazing results! Your personality should reflect your positive thinking. People around you should see you as a person who is hopeful, happy, and new.





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