7 Great Standards to Live by


It is said that making decisions is easier when you know your Values. Or indirectly, Your values ​​make it easier for you to make decisions. Apart from this, your Value strengthens your character, shows perseverance in your personality, organizes your life and reminds you to focus on the most important things in the way defined by the Values ​​you have chosen to live by. So, really, what are the prices?

Numbers are the values ​​and principles that you use in your normal life that you will live by. For example, if a person lives by the standards of “Adaptability” and “optimism” then he or she will be able to adapt to a variety of (flexible) situations and not be stressed out of negative (optimistic) situations. Therefore, it would be fair to say that your Prices shape your future and your future.

Some of the most common values ​​are: Confidence, Friendship, Honesty, Surprise, Dedication, Adaptability, Honesty, Compatibility, Effort, Trust, Care, Courage, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gratitude, Friendship and Empathic. While, all of these Heritage give you an advantage in a variety of life situations; there are Prices that are very common but very powerful to be accepted by all means. Below is my favorite:


1- Empathic:
There is a big difference between Man and Man. Latter needs you to help others in any way that may require the highest level of empathy for you. Empathy is the ability to discern the feelings and needs of others and to deal with them in a positive way. This ability is closely related to the emotional intelligence that basically analyzes, evaluates, and manages your own feelings and those of others. So by developing and implementing this Vali you are not only solving someone else’s conflicts and problems but also winning their hearts!

2- Commitment:
Once you have decided on something, you should make sure that you fulfill it in every way that is good and reasonable and fair. Once you start living with this Nani, you will make things happen by sticking firmly to your goals. What shows a strong commitment is that you start to focus on problem solving instead of finding excuses. You will know that the weak point in any job is that you have already lost part of it. So living this value enables your “Can-do-Attitude”

3- Being optimistic: People who have a positive outlook are part of the solution instead of complaining, criticizing, cursing, arguing, confronting, conspiracy and corruption. Being optimistic gives you great flexibility and a sense of independence because you have chosen to ignore negative thoughts and free your mind to focus on things that can add to your life. Eventually you grow your product through this Vali.


4- Freedom:
The paragraph reads, “When your Head is on a pillow, and the day is drawing to a close; Count the blessings of God, and count them one by one. that this people with high gratitude have deep peace of mind and very successful in life.this number by donating 5 minutes at the end of each day and thanking God for refreshing the blessings you have including every part of your body and other material / financial blessings.Increasing this Valu, Compare People .

5- Adaptation:
Stubborn people experience many problems, such as depression, poor decisions, career outages, family inequality, and emotional turmoil. You have to understand that you can’t boil the sea and you can’t even rotate the earth. So be flexible and adaptable. Be fair, rational and analytical in judging situations and change your control strategy or reduce negative consequences. This does not mean, however, that you should allow yourself to be “go-to-the-wind”; instead, be strong in achieving your goal and yet stretch your way to your destination.


6- Analysis:
Analytical means analyzing any situation from rational, personal, religious, emotional, financial, Vs needs, family and career ideas Analysis gives you the insight to look at things from a broader perspective and consider things from the perspective of all stakeholders so that your decisions are healthy and productive. ultimately and benefit yourself, your family and your business.

7- Eligibility for trust:
Trusting in lasting confidence and confident expectations from someone for something. Lack of trust can lead to broken relationships so the Trust is a very important ingredient in strong relationships; possible relationships between Husband-Wife, Boss-Employee, Father-Son, Brother-Sister, supplier-customer and so on. You can accept and demonstrate this Value by being honest with others, by meeting our promises, keeping secrets and providing appropriate advice, the loyalty of our loved ones.





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