Ways to Stop Your Bad Thoughts Taking Life Out of You


One of the greatest strengths we have is the ability to think. Yes, sometimes those thoughts are bad or harmful and do not apply to us, but sometimes those thoughts give us strength and can take us anywhere. But have you ever wondered where your thoughts come from?

Most of our thoughts are self-made; in other words, they come from us. We can learn something or hear something or see something, but everything that happens after that is created by you. Why it is so important to understand it is because your thoughts are your greatest strength, and you have the ability to make them your trusted advisers instead of your main critics.

If you are the author of many of your ideas, that gives you the power to do what will help you… if you choose. Thoughts are choices, and the decisions we make determine how we feel, how we feel, what we pursue in life, what we do not pursue in life, whether we are healthy, whether we are unhealthy and whether we offer certain things to try or never try.


Those choices are essential ingredients in our self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Some people do not do some of those things for us. Always! We created you all, and if your life is not where you would like it to be, you can begin to make it different by using that great power in ways that help you.

Start by getting to know yourself
Example # 1:

Do you have thoughts in your head that contradict what people have told you over the years? For example, maybe you are a good artist and people have told you over the years that you are a very good artist or that you are a very good artist. But if they say, “You’re a really good artist,” your answer is always, “Really? Do you think so?” Or “No, I’m not that good.”

What you think or choose to believe is the exact opposite of what everyone else tells you. That is a problem. If you hear a lot of people telling you that you know something (especially when you don’t have to), start believing them instead of your own thoughts of rejection.


Example # 2:

Do you have thoughts in your head about something that was said to you at one time or another, over the years, that you have spent many years over and over again? For example, you may have been at a business event and stumbled and a colleague said, “You’re such a klutz.” From that day on, he was also very careful because he was ashamed of stumbling until he took one thing and one of his co-workers said for a moment when it was true for a moment, but you have been very careful and cautious since you always remind yourself, Do not fall or stumble. Don’t be embarrassed. ”

It was a one-time event that you could laugh at right now and say, “Yep, gravity is really strong there!” Chances are, you would have forgotten them all as soon as the conversation went to the next topic. Instead, it was an option to take ownership of the klutz for years after the event, and that continued to affect your behavior, making you uncomfortable in business situations.

Your beliefs, whether positive or negative, helpful or harmful, are largely determined by what you do and how you do it. ”- Brian Tracy


The first step in using this great power is to get rid of your scalp
Sit down and make a list of thoughts. Just as you would in a jewelry store, it’s time to dump her and move on. From today, start paying attention to your thoughts. What happens again? Write them down and make a list. As you begin to see the thoughts that come into your head constantly, ask yourself, “Where did those thoughts come from?”

As you get ideas during your excavation that are completely made up and do not have zero performance, clean it up. How do you do that? Use these two tools:

Tool # 1 – Admit that it is not true.
Say out loud, “That’s ridiculous, because it’s not true!”

Just admit to yourself that it is not real; it is perfectly made and false. Remind yourself that the reason you think so often is because you have created a habit. The more you say to yourself, “That’s not true,” when the thought comes up, the quicker it withers because it puts something else in its path.


Tool # 2 – Practice speaking better.
That doesn’t mean you have to get all Pollyanna in your life, but rather to be balanced with your thoughts. Chances are, if you speak badly or think badly, you will never give yourself the whole story; gives himself half the story. I call this the ‘cloudy, sunny path.’ When the weather forecaster says that there will be partial clouds, he also says that there will be a sun because, for that to happen or something, both must be present! If you are a hopeless or unthinking person, you will always look at the cloudy part of everything (“yes, but …”) and you will lose the fact that it is partially sunny.

People who are overly optimistic have a similar problem, because they only choose to see everything partially clean and miss out on a part of the cloud, sometimes involving challenges that need to be addressed. But negative thinking is often more damaging than positive thinking, so we will stick to the topic at hand. You are allowed to continue to choose a partially overlooked look, but get used to seeing the sunny side. If you only have part of the story, you don’t have this story.


This simply means that whenever you complain about something or think that it is ‘impossible,’ turn the other side and see the whole picture, ‘If possible, what would it look like?’ Or ‘Maybe it can’t, but maybe it happens. ‘Give yourself a chance to see the possibility or the other side of the negative thinking you have, because you are always there! There is always the other side. Using this tool will help you to quickly get out of the abyss.

He is the author of your thoughts.
Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you have to listen to it or believe it. Which you choose to listen to and believe is your choice. As the author of your thoughts, you can decide which ones to keep and which ones to organize. Listening to a lot of negative, constructed, or untrue thoughts will not give you a good effect on your life. However, by getting used to seeing both sides, and choosing which thoughts do not keep them and head-trash, it is up to you and will change your life.





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