3 Invaluable to the rules, the decision-making


I’ve been browsing through the menu for a few minutes, now, to fight for my incompetence. Each dish had it’s own appeal. It looks like you need to in order to get everything. Do you really think this is a stupid decision, it is also worth considering? A lot is possible. However, keep in mind that I bet you’ve run into a similar problem myself, though not by choice of course, and something else.

Every day, we spend an enormous amount of time and energy to select from an attractive option. However, even if they seem to be just as important to us, and the one that attracts our own attention, which makes it possible to compromise, even if we’re just a preference between the coleslaw (easy and healthy), gold (hard to digest the protein) and ravioli (delicious, but high in carbohydrates).

Even if the day to day decisions to take up so much of our time and energy, so what can we say about the more difficult situations that we face each and every day in our organizations? The product should be stored, on the left, or stopped? One to work on, and that someone ought to get fired? I’m going to start this difficult conversation?


To learn how to deal with all kinds of complex decisions in a more efficient way? In order to do this, I am using the three methods, and the third one, I noticed that I have recently in the last week.

The First Way Is To Reduce The Association Of
The first way is to use the power of the force used to substantially reduce the fatigue on the basis of routine tasks. The bottom line is that if you’re used to, for example, always have a salad for lunch, then you may not make a decision on this issue, as an integrated whole. In this way, you can save your energy for other activities. This is a powerful approach when it comes to making the predictable and repeatable decisions. But in the case of a non-standard things all the time?

The Other Way Is That, If/Then, The Algorithm
The second method is to use the if / then, the algorithm, in order to facilitate the spontaneous decision to make. For example, suppose that one is constantly interrupting you, and you know what to do to respond. In this case, it will usually sound like this: if a person cancels my posts twice and then I correct him. However, the problem still remains, a large number of strategic decisions, which are difficult if not impossible to foresee or to avoid.

“You cannot make progress without having to make a decision.” – Jim Rohn


The third way is to use a timer as well as
Last week, I had a retreat in the management of high-tech enterprises. It was at this meeting that I have found a simple way to deal with a very difficult task. The company is facing problems, the consequences of which it was impossible to predict.

On the agenda were the issues of this type, what products we should focus more on how to respond to the threat posed by competitors, and how you can integrate the recently acquired companies, to reduce the budget, the organisation of a system for the reporting, etc

These are the decisions that will take weeks, months, or even years, slowing down the progress of the organization as a whole. They may be used to, or settle for the algorithm, using if / then. And, most important of all, these questions are not entirely clear, and, of course, is the right answer.

The management of the business to tend to hesitate in making a decision of this kind, as a gather more and more data, repeated weighing all the pros and cons, to attract further, the consultants, in general, to postpone the decision, and I hope that, sooner or later, the correct answer will be shown.


But what happens if we take as a starting point, the fact is that this simply doesn’t exist? Maybe this will speed up the decision-making process?

So, I thought, to be sitting in this meeting and, once again, for the umpteenth time, we were discussing the painful issue of what to do, at the same time, in this or another; when, of a sudden, the PRESIDENT cut off the debate, loudly announcing: “in the fourth quarter of the year. We will work out a solution for the next fifteen minutes. “

“Wait a minute,” the CFO said, ” well, it’s not a simple matter. We might be able to go back and discuss it over lunch or in a meeting. “

The PRESIDENT said, ” No, we’re going to make a decision within a period of ten to fifteen minutes.”

And you know what? We did it.


This is how I found my third decision-making methods: the use of a timer. If the problem on the surface is enough to have studied, the selection is just as attractive, but the answer is not to be found, will know that it is not possible to determine the appropriate course of conduct, and made a decision

Of course, it would be better to test its efficiency, in order to create, for example, a test of the minimum amount of the investment, the. But even if you do, these decisions need to be made. The amount of time that you are able to save, and thus useless to the evaluations and discussions will provide a lot of great benefits when it comes to productivity.

Please wait a minute now, do you think that if you are spending more time on this, sooner or later, it’s still going to be the right answer. Very true. But first, you’re going to lose a lot of precious hours, days, and weeks of waiting for the “enlightenment”. On the other, to get to this one-stop solution that’s right for you is going to learn a lot of the other cases, if it is empty, the hope for a clear answer.


Make a decision and go
Try this method for now. Choose a solution that you have been putting off for a long period of time, you give yourself three minutes, and you’ll do just fine. If you still have some questions need to be answered in the water, use a piece of paper, make a list of them. In advance, in order to set up a time for you to yourself, and to order, one by one, please accept the fact that it’s the best time of the decision. The decision is taken, any decision will be to take a deep breath and move on.

For dinner, I chose to use a coleslaw. This is probably the best choice? I don’t know. But I, for one, are set in the menu, to order it a try.




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