2 Ways To Stop The Negative Thoughts Of Sucking The Life Out Of You


One of the greatest powers we have is the ability to think. Yes, sometimes, these are the thoughts, both negative and harmful, and they don’t serve us, but sometimes it will give you strength to be able to lead us there. But, have you ever asked yourself whether your thoughts come from?

Most of the ideas have been created by us, in other words, they come to us. We can learn anything, hear anything, or see anything, but not everything that happens is created by you. Why is it so important to understand is that your mind is your greatest, super powers, and you’ll have the ability to make them reliable in the not – so-greatest critics.

If you are the author, most of all, what you say, it gives you the power to create the ones that make you…if you want it to. The idea is a choice, and the choice of what we say, what we feel, how we sound, how we carry on in life, of what we carry in our lives, whether we are healthy is what we have been healthy and fit, regardless of whether we put some of the things to try or not to try it.


The decision is based on your self-confidence, our self-esteem, and your self-confidence. Those of us who do not bring any of this up for us. No way! We can create it, and if your life is not the same for you if you want to see it, you can start to do that through the use of various strategies and so, it’s, it’s to serve you.

To start the self-awareness
Example # 1:

Do you want to come up with ideas that contradict each other, but also to the people who have been telling you over the years? For example, it may be that you have a good artist, and people have told me that you’re a really good artist for many years, or is to be, you are so good at drawing. But if they say, “You’re a really good artist, you will always have an answer by saying, “Really? Do you like it? “or,” no, No, I’m not very good at it.”

What do you think, or want, to think, to direct the contrary, you are there. That’s the problem. If you can hear a few people say something good to you (and, in particular, they do not need to begin to believe in them, and not dismissive of the thoughts.


Example # 2:

Does it occur to you that someone is telling you that at one time, a few years ago, so you’ve spent the last few years, to repeat to himself over and over again? For example, you are at a business event, her, and my colleague said, “You’re such a klutz.” From that day on, you, was, to be very careful, because you were so embarrassed about the trip, the fact that you, of yourself, that she was the only thing that is my fellow, said at the time, and perhaps it was true, for the other, but then, it was on life support, so be careful, and be careful, because the constantly reminded yourself that “at least one big. That is not to fall and trip. Don’t be embarrassed.”

This was the only event able to laugh away for a moment and said, ” Yes, weight is a really, really strong here!!! Most likely, it will be forgotten, all of, so as soon as the conversation moved on to another topic. Instead, it’s a choice to let the personality glasses in the year of the event, and it will continue to affect the behavior, which means that you have in the subject matter.

“Faith, regardless of whether they are positive or negative, healthy or unhealthy, to a large extent, determine all that you do and how you do it.”


The first step is to make use of the super-withstand the great garbage
Sitting down and taking a mental inventory. Just like you would do with a warehouse full of shit, the time has come to do away with your thoughts. As of today, in fact, begin to pay attention to your thoughts. What’s going on here? Please provide a list of them. When you start to write down the thoughts that periodically crosses your mind, ask yourself, ” Where do these thoughts come from?”

Once, during the excavation of the site you will find the thoughts of the whole, made up of zero, the value of the purity of them. How do you do that? The use of these two tools:

Tool # 1-I Know it’s not real.
Say it out loud to yourself: “This is a ridiculous idea, because it is not true!”

Just admit to yourself that it is real, it is a completely made up and a lie. We remind you, that it is necessary to think about it over and over again, is that you’ve created a habit. Of course, the more you have to say to yourself, “That’s not true,” while the thought of that sooner than it does, no, it’s not that you can replace it with something that will stop it.


Tool # 2-the Practice of a more positive conversation.
This does not mean that you will get what you need in the Pollyanna’s life, if any, in order to be more inclusive with your thinking. Chances are, that if you are talking negatively about you or to have negative thoughts about yourself, you’re not telling yourself the story, you are just telling yourself half the story. I’m calling this a ‘ semi-sunny, partly sunny strategy.” When the weatherman says it’s going to be a lot of rain, and he will also tell you that it’s going to be partly sunny, as it’s either one or the other, the prime one, two, three! If you are a pessimist or a negative thinker, you will always look for the sunny side of everything (yes, but…”), and misses the fact that it’s sunny.

There are some people who are positive thinkers who are facing the same problem, because they would prefer to see it all just a part of the sun, and in part to miss the rain, the rain, which is sometimes a problem that you are going to meet. However, the negative thoughts are often more harmful than beneficial, so we will be following this thread. You may have to look at the partly cloudy, but the dükanlarından is used to refer to partial sun in my face. If you only have half a story, you don’t have a story.


This means that every time you complain about something, or think, “this can’t be happening”, then roll over to the other side, look at all the pictures, it looks at Though it may have happened, as it seemed?” Or, “this can’t be, but it might be the case.” For a chance to see that side of the negative thoughts you have, because it’s always there!!!! It is always the other side of the page. With the help of this step will help you to get out of the hole of negative thinking, faster and faster.

You are the writer of your ideas.
Just because it is an idea, it doesn’t mean that you’re listening, or his or her belief in it. Which one do you prefer to listen, and to believe is up to you. As the author of your life, you will have the choice of how to store and edit at any time. Listen to an extreme, negative, imaginary, or factually inaccurate thoughts are, you would never achieve a positive outcome in your life. However, in view of the experience of seeing both sides, choosing what kind of thoughts are there, caregivers, and other debris that to happen to you, you decide how you’re going to change the course of your life.





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