The Delegation Is Effective In Order To Get Things Right


Delegation is the art of asking a person to accomplish a task or series of tasks, in whole or in part, to the ownership of or rights of others. Careers in the typical organogram of illustrating the flow of the representation. The process is to represent the authority of management is one of the important things we must take into account all of the bosses, as it is well known that the composition does not leave the organization, but leaving the chiefs, who are usually the result of the poor in the process of delegation of powers, adherence to the managers. The management needs to take into account the fact that replacing an employee costs are 50% of the employee’s annual salary, so it is necessary to be vigilant when it comes to retaining employees. Recently, as part of the process of the learning, representation, and I’ve learned that there is a 4 step process, each of the effectiveness of the process:

  1. Price
  2. Transfer
  3. Support
  4. Flight analysis

All of the stages are linear, which means that you need to go in order to complete the next one.


This stage requires an assessment of the information, and the evaluation of the pre-school swimming pools.

First, consider the high-level tasks of the project. Now, compare that with your expertise, response time, and the importance and the urgency of the response from the employees, to choosing the right person. Responsibilities of the low-value can be given to each employee, so that you can save some time by this method. To choose the right person believe that their management, habits, responsibility, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and general skills. You may also want to consider that, to represent a multi-person project on the cross-training of employees in order to become better managers of the future. Please remember that the quality of a good manager is not to produce more and more followers, but in order to produce more output, and managers.


The preparation, negotiation and shipment.

The project, scores, results, resources, frequency and format of reporting requirements under the implementation of the project, the level of skills that should be available for decision-making during the implementation of the project. Through the levels of the agency, I mean, as a representative, to act on their judgment as to the need of your consent. During the data transmission phase, to ask for a proposal, rather than a one-way flow of information. This is the self-confidence, and to enhance the relationship with the employee. The employee’s bid, specify as to why they were chosen. If you have to delegate to more than one person, delegate to inspect, all of which can sync to their role.


The supervision and advice during the implementation process.

To make an appointment when you have a few more questions. You are in control of their losses as the coach are doing. A ‘grateful’, the survey method, which is the one of the employee in terms of the success of the project. For example: do you agree with any part of the project? What’s great about this project? The question shouldn’t be asked and you will not be disappointed, that is for the most problematic areas, please, please, what do you think I’m going to deal with this situation? In order to avoid micromanaging, though, it’s the only thing that is required, is a serious business, as the micro-management is killing the productivity of employees.

The summary of the summary of the results:This is a presentation of the phase, which occurs when a task is completed.

To review the executive summaries of the documents and of the overall results. You are welcome to discuss new issues, they are resolved, and what we have learned. To see the level of effort and the hard work that the employee has, and, finally, the speed, the honor and the reward of the representative.





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