A lot of work, work, work, work. And to be honest


So God created man in his own work.It is the work of a person’s greatest work. The human being is nothing. There is nothing he can do about that. It ranges from nothing, to do nothing, and nothing seems to be working. The work is the most reliable feature of a person.

If you are a poor, hard-working.
If you are rich, you have to work hard.
If it’s not, it scares you , that’s hard work.
As a success will inspire you to work hard.


Charge is unfair, with the responsibility to Work.
You must be worthy of the responsibility and Work.
Do not fairly paid for the Work.
I’ve paid a fine Job.

And when the dreams have been shattered to smithereens and Working hard.
When faith falters, hard-Working.
When the future seems to hopeless and Work.
When the hope seems to be dead, hard to work with.

The work is very stressful.
The work is of the most powerful moral motivation.
The work is the best cure for boredom.
The work is a very effective warrior against the disease.

If you do this, your work, and is the cause of anxiety, fear, doubt, and fear.
Work is the greatest solution to all of your problems.

A lot of work, work, work, work. And, to be fair.





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