The seven habits are very, very inefficient


yes , you read that right. This is not a typo. In this article I will tell you the story the seven habits of highly ineffective people. It’s just as important to be aware of the habits that can make us ineffective as to that of our own.

Credit to for the purpose of identifying the Seven Habits of Ineffective people, John Covey, is the brother of Stephen Covey, the renowned author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. By the way, I’m here for a number of sibling rivalry, eh?

In any case,
the first is the habit that, really it contains the primary key for all of the faults ‘ and responsive. Always believe in yourself, and the others are to blame.” It is responsive, it should not take preventive measures, remember, before, or plan something. You can help to prevent an attack on all and to continue to be yourself, to be bold. If you do not want it to be, in the first place, then how can you blame them? You can use this way also reserve the right to blame others for your problems and difficulties.


Another custom is” basis, without a clear goal in mind”.” Then, whatever the outcome, take a look at the philosophy: “It has to happen at some point. “Is that the end result is not so big, no one’s to blame, I would not.

The third principle is ” do only what’s urgent.”You’ll have the pleasure of doing urgent things, the avoidance of crisis, when things are not catching up with you.

The fourth habit is to think in terms of win/lose, that’s all, “I’m going to win, and to lose it,” as the main direction for any of negotiation and co-operation. Sometimes it’s a big ego trip, it can have a positive impact, and if you lose it, you can even have the capacity for empathy.


The fifth habit is ” to strive for, in the first place it is to be understood.” Do not try to understand them, and until they understand it, and in this way you can be on an equal footing with them.

The sixth habit is to track the saying, “If you can’t win a trade-off.” This will help you make the secret is to respect yourself, to be so flexible as to be and to have “is one of them.”

The seventh habit is the fear of change and a delay in the improvement.” Once you put all your energy into it to maintain the status quo, many of your co-workers will be your bosom buddies.

The development of these six habits, and you will be greatly considered to be a very inefficient way of people.




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