Experience, Experiment, and expectations

  1. How sweet and beautiful as they may be, do not forget that the baboon and gorillas also attract tourists.
    ***Stop With The Bragging Rights.
  2. No matter how big and strong, don’t wear it
    to your Grave.
    *** Be humble!
  3. No matter how high it is, it will not be able to see the future.
    *** Please be patient!
  4. How to??????????, always light in the darkness.
  • * * * * Please note!
  1. No matter how rich you are, no matter how much you have to own a car, you will always have to go to sleep at the foot. *** Happy!!

To Take The Life Of The Light
Life =Exp + Exp + Exp
Yesterday, it was an Experience. Today, It Is An Experience. Tomorrow, it is Expected to be
So, use your experience in your experiments to get your expectations.





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