So work, work, work. And work sincerely


Work !!!
God created man to work. Work is man’s great work. Man is nothing. He will do nothing. To achieve nothing; to achieve; nothing but performance. A job is the work of a very honest person.

If you suffer – Work.
If You Are Rich – Work.
If failure is discouraging – Work.
If success motivates you – Work.

Overburdened with unjust burdens – Work.
You have been given the right jobs – a job.
Poorly paid – Work.
Well-paid – Work.


When dreams vanish – Work.
When faith is weak – Work.
When the future seems bleak – Work.
When hope seems dead – Work.

Work is too stressful – stress.
Work is the most powerful method – the booster.
Work is a good bore – beating.
Work is a disease that works equally well – a warrior.

If you neglect your work, you invite anxiety, fear, doubt and debt.
Work is too big for all the problems.

So work, work, work. And work honestly.




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