Small Stories

Story – Sharpen your abilities


Some time ago an extremely amazing woodcutter requested a task with a lumber dealer, and he got it. His compensation was great as were the functioning conditions. Hence, the still up in the air to put forth a valiant effort.

His manager gave him a hatchet and showed him the region where he should fell the trees. The principal day, the woodcutter cut down 15 trees.

” Congratulations,” the manager said. ” Carry on with your work!”

Exceptionally energetic by the expressions of his chief, the woodcutter put in more effort the following day, yet he just could cut 10 trees down. The third day he invested much more effort, yet he was simply ready to cut down 7 trees.

For a long time he was bringing lesser number of trees down.

” I should lose my solidarity”, the woodcutter thought. He went to the chief and apologized, saying that he was unable to get what was happening.


” When was the last time you honed your hatchet?” the supervisor inquired.

” Sharpen? I had no an ideal opportunity to hone my hatchet. I have been extremely caught up with attempting to cut trees…”

Believe it or not. The vast majority of us NEVER update our abilities. We imagine that whatever we have learned is a lot of enough. However, great isn’t acceptable when better is normal. Honing our abilities now and again is the way to progress.



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