Small Stories

Story: The Wow approach


The previous spring I was strolling in a recreation center. A brief distance in front of me was a mother and her three-year-old girl. The young lady was clutching a string that was appended to a helium expand.

Out of nowhere, a sharp whirlwind took the inflatable from the young lady. I prepared myself for some shouting and crying.

However, no! As the young lady went to watch her inflatable go upward, she joyously yelled out, “Goodness!”

I didn’t understand it at that point, yet that young lady instructed me



Sometime thereafter, I got a call from an individual with information on a startling issue. I wanted to react with “Goodness, how should we respond?” But recollecting that young lady, I wound up saying, “Amazing, that is fascinating! How might I help you?”

One thing’s without a doubt – life’s continually going to keep us shaky with its surprising issues. That is guaranteed. What’s not destined is our reaction. We can decide to be baffled or interested.

Regardless the circumstance, an interested “Amazing!” will consistently beat a disappointed “Gracious, no.”

So the following time you experience one of life’s unforeseen blasts, recall that young lady and make it a “Amazing!” experience. The “Goodness!” reaction consistently works




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