Quotes to Follow in Life


Try not to affront the croc until you’ve crossed the stream.

Try not to discard the old pail until you know whether the enhanced one holds water.

Dress the monkey in silk and it is as yet a monkey.

He who has done wickedness, anticipates evil.

He who knows nothing, questions nothing.

Assuming you need to accumulate a great deal of information, go about as though you are oblivious.

It’s insufficient to realize how to ride – you should likewise realize how to fall.

It’s not disgraceful not to know, but rather it’s dishonorable not to inquire.


Stay silent and individuals will think you a savant.

Speak with a softer tone, reinforce your contention.

Never strike your significant other, even with a blossom.

Just when you have eaten a lemon do you see the value in what sugar is.

Achievement and rest don’t rest together.

The cobra will mess with you whether you call it cobra or Sir. Cobra.

The more you ask how much longer it will take, the more extended the excursion will appear.

What you find in yourself is the thing that you find on the planet.

At the point when you go to a jackass’ home, don’t discuss ears.

You are however many an individual as the quantity of dialects you know.



Try not to move toward a goat from the front, a pony from the back, or a numb-skull from any side.

A numb-skull resembles the large drum that thumps quick however doesn’t understand its void.

Talk goes in one ear and out many mouths.

Be careful with a man that doesn’t talk and a canine that doesn’t bark.

Preferred to ask twice over to get lost once.​​





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