5 Short Stories with Morals



A youngster told the mother: “Mum you are extremely delightful today.”

Answered the mother : “Why?”

The youngster said : ” Because you didn’t blow up today .”

Lesson of the story:

  1. It is not difficult to have excellence:- don’t blow up.
  2. Outrage is brief frenzy.


A man went to a meeting for a task.

Along the hall, he got a piece and tossed it into a dustbin.

The questioner passed by and saw it.

This man landed the position.

Lesson of the story:

Live with positive routines, and you will be perceived.



A little kid filled in as a disciple in a bike shop.

A man sent a bike for fix.

Subsequent to fixing the bike, this kid tidied up the bike and it resembled another one.

Different students chuckled at him for accomplishing excess work.

The second day after the proprietor guaranteed the bike back, this kid was squeezed and extended to an employment opportunity.

Lesson of the story :

  1. Go the extra mile to be effective.
  2. Accomplishing more acquires Doing less loses more.


The proprietor of a ranch requested that his kid work ordinarily at the homestead.

His companion said to him : ” You don’t need to make your child buckle down. The harvests would become comparable.”

Proprietor of the homestead answered: ” I am not developing my yields, yet my kid.”

Lesson of the story:

  1. A straightforward method to prepare a youngster is to allow him to encounter a few difficulties.
  2. If not cut, jade would not transform into helpful product.


A shop is in every case brilliantly illuminated.

Somebody asked : “What brand of bulb are you utilizing ? It is so enduring.”

The retailer answered : “Our bulbs extinguished habitually. We supplanted them once a bulb extinguished.”

Lesson of the story:

  1. It is easy to keep up with brilliance , change the bulbs consistently.
  2. To lighting up regular daily existence : Endeavor to forsake unwholesome perspectives and put forth an attempt to urge healthy states to develop.



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