Small Stories

Story: Controlling Negative Thoughts


There was once a sincere landscaper who cherished his work and his produce. One day he was strolling through his great nursery and ended up seeing a weed (undesirable little plants). The landscaper was especially worn out so he chose to leave it.

The following day he needed to pass on to visit his family members in one more country for about fourteen days. At the point when he returned, the back yard was shrouded in weeds and all his produce was dead!


In like manner, in the event that we permit only one awful idea in our mind and neglect to eliminate it, it will grow and rather than picking one weed, we will have a lot to control.

On the off chance that we annihilate our pessimistic musings, by permitting positive ones to develop, they will show as a part of our character like an excellent nursery.

That is the force of positive idea. We are, what our considerations are.

We ought to consistently engage just great and positive musings to us and never give way for anything negative!

Be ready and aware of your contemplations and choose the weeds of your negative musings intentionally and rapidly, at the right second.




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