22 Things to Keep


The type of food you eat will affect you general health – and what you don’t eat. Likewise, life relies upon

what you keep and what you don’t keep. There are numerous things throughout everyday life

that individuals might keep, yet a couple are really valuable. Here is a

rundown of what to keep (and how) for a more splendid, more joyful and that’s only the tip of the iceberg

satisfying life.

1) Keep quiet. Life

can be frightening and in the event that you don’t put forth an attempt to keep gathered and

centered, you could without much of a stretch fly off the handle. Take ordinary, cognizant profound

breaths to quiet and focus yourself.


2) Keep your jaw up.

In addition to the fact that it is useful for your stance and decreases your twofold jaw,

it additionally assists you with keeping an “I can deal with it” demeanor. By keeping

your jaw up, you can keep your head above water.

3) Keep your spirits high.

Continuously keep a positive and blissful demeanor. Recollect that nobody

can liven you up such as yourself. Keep your spirits high when the going

gets unpleasant by zeroing in on your fantasies and remembering your good fortune.


4) Keep your statement.

The genuine proportion of a man is on the off chance that he keeps his statement.

Noteworthy and reliable is the one who holds on what he says and

guarantees. Think a long time prior to talking on the grounds that once a

word is articulated and delivered into the universe, its vibrations could no

longer be deleted.


5) Keep on schedule with your internal drummer.

Try not to be influenced by others into following the befuddling beat of their

drums. In spite of the fact that it is at times important to conform to the speed of

others, it is ideal to keep in sync with your own cadence and to

dance to your own music.

6) Keep in contact with the youngster in you. The

wellspring of imagination in your life is that small kid inside you. He

questions, he wonders, he envisions and develops. Keep in contact with him,

what’s more, be youthful and imaginative forever!


7) Keep side by side of the occasions.

The world is moving so quick. Know what’s going on, what’s in style,

what’s up to date, what’s applicable, what’s significant. Become familiar with the most blazing

patterns and the most recent in innovation. Try not to be trapped in a time travel or

you’ll be abandoned.

8) Keep fit as a fiddle.

Your shape shows your condition of wellbeing. Your body is the vessel that you

venture through life in. Keep it sound and solid. Try not to be one of

those individuals who say, “I’m fit as a fiddle; round is a shape!”


9) Keep your mouth shut.

Individuals blabber. We language ourselves to our own obliteration and

rout. Realize when to talk and when to quiet down. Try not to be excessively verbose.

In many cases, quiet talks more expressively than words.

10) Keep old buddies.

Old buddies are difficult to come by. Sustain kinships that make your

predicament through life simpler, more awesome and significant. Really poor is

the one who has nothing but bad companions.


11) Keep incredible recollections, not weighty articles.

In the end, great recollections of life are what we will be left with,

not gems and wealth that we can’t bring when we at long last go. Experience each

second perfectly. Connected together, these supernatural minutes make

a superb life.

12) Keep a journal.

Composing a diary is helpful. Record the significant occasions in your

life, your fantasies and goals, even your disappointments and

disillusionments. At the point when you follow back occasions in your day to day existence, you are bound

to take in illustrations from them just as discover extraordinary motivation and



13) Keep praying and much obliged.

Favored is he who prays before he eats and offers gratitude for all

the gifts he gets every day. Keep a grateful demeanor and spotlight on

your favors rather than dissatisfactions.

14) Keep on pushing ahead.

The universe pushes ahead on schedule. Try not to stall out in yesterday; make

a work to push forward to a superior life. Drop those superfluous bits of material and enthusiastic

stuff that overload you and hold you back from traveling to your loftiest



15) Keep out of risk.

He who opens himself to risk discovers it. Try not to court risk; keep away from

it. As it’s been said, addressing the issue beforehand is better than addressing any aftermath later. Look

out for number one (that is you!), and consistently stay free from any danger.

16) Keep up the great work.

Achievement is based upon progress. The more you do, the more you accomplish;

the more you accomplish, the better you get at doing it. Make achievement a

propensity by keeping doing awesome.


17) Keep youthful.

Make every effort to remain solid, graceful and energetic.

Think youthful; feel youthful. An astute man once said “It is never past the point where it is possible to

be what you may have been.” Remember that age is a number and that

youth is a demeanor.

18) Keep on Enjoying.

Life is a dance through existence. Adorn whatever life

plays for you with your own new coordination and imaginative

movement. Be energized in your heart and keep your feet light with



19) Keep on cherishing.

Love is the explanation we were made. Love lessens when stored however

increases when shared. Give it and feel it flood in your heart. Love

fixes all misery, torment and distress. Forlorn is he who doesn’t give love

away and consequently receives none consequently.

20) Keep on dreaming.

Most men, regardless of whether they are youthful, are dead – that is, in the event that they can no

longer dream. Our fantasies are what keep us youthful and alive; they give us

that radiance in our eyes. Our fantasies keep us going even while everything

around us says, “Stop.”


21) Keep on trusting.

Never lose trust. Tomorrow will be one more day that will bring new expectation

what’s more, more prominent favors. Keep confidence in the wealth of the universe and

the secret and flawlessness of life. Expectation for little more than the best and

that is the thing that you will be allowed.


22) Keep on accepting. Conviction is the mother of the real world. What you accept turns into your reality. Trust in yourself, put stock in the wizardry of the

universe, trust in the force of your

dreams. What’s more, in particular, trust you can do it, so you can have your entire being wants!

These You Must Not Keep

1) Don’t stay aware of the Joneses.

Since your neighbor purchased a red Ferrari, you, as well, should get

one. Try not to join the fleeting trend and avoid the “crowd mindset.”

A lot of despondency in this world is brought about by examinations – looking at

yourself and attempting to compare others. There is actually no

need to satisfy others’ hopes in the event that it would simply bring you

burden and wretchedness.


2) Don’t keep issues and feelings of spite.

The explanation a large portion of us stay hopeless is on the grounds that we keep issues,

hard feelings, and issues. Detox yourself of grumblings and issues that keep

you from being all that that you could be. Attempt to take care of all issues

that plague you; leave nothing unsettled. The inquiries and

riddles of life are what make it trying and invigorating.

3) Don’t keep feelings of disdain and recollections of difficult encounters.

Life isn’t a walk in the park so you should figure out how to relinquish negative

sentiments and recollections of difficult encounters. It’s difficult to continue living

with crushing sadness. Acquittal, excuse, neglect





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