Small Stories

Experience, Experiment and Expectations


  1. Regardless of how lovely and attractive you are, simply recollect Baboon and Gorillas additionally draw in sightseers.

***Stop Boasting.

  1. Regardless of how huge and solid you will be; you won’t hold yourself

​ ​to your Grave.

***Be Humble!

  1. Regardless of how tall you will be; you can never see tomorrow.

***Be Patient!

  1. Regardless of how Light Skinned you will be; you will consistently require light in Darkness.

***Take Caution!

  1. Regardless of how Rich and numerous Cars you have; you will consistently stroll to Bed. ***Be Contented!

Take Life Easy

Life ​=​Exp + Exp + Exp

Yesterday was Experience. Today is Experiment. Tomorrow is Expectation

In this way, utilize your Experience in your Experiment to accomplish your Expectations




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