Small Stories

Story: Remembering and Forgetting


A story tells that two companions were strolling through the desert. During some mark of the excursion they had a contention, and one companion insulted the other one.

The person who got slapped was harmed, however without saying anything, wrote in the sand “Today my closest companion insulted me”.


They continued to stroll until they discovered a desert spring, where they chose to scrub down. The person who had been slapped stalled out in the soil and began suffocating, yet the companion saved him. After he recuperated from the close suffocating, he composed on a stone “Today my dearest companion saved my life”.

The companion who had slapped and saved his dearest companion asked him, “After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and presently, you compose on a stone, why?” The other companion answered

“At the point when somebody harms us we ought to record it in sand where winds of absolution can eradicate it away. Be that as it may, when somebody helps us, we should etch it in stone where no wind can at any point delete it.”

Moral: Value who you have in your life.




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