Small Stories

Story: Judging Others Based On Their Looks


Sometime in the distant past a rich elderly person lived alone in an exceptionally enormous house. He was becoming powerless step by step and couldn’t deal with himself and the enormous house, so he considered recruiting workers who could assist with practically everything of the house and furthermore deal with him.

The elderly person delegated two workers Salim and Ahmed. Salim turned out to be an attractive youngster and Ahmed was a terrible looking chap. The elderly person requested that Salim go to the kitchen and make tea for him. After Salim had left, the elderly person went to Ahmed and told, “Salim has given an extremely awful record of you. He says you are exceptionally trouble maker and dishonest. Is this right?”

Ahmed thought briefly and told, “Salim is an exceptionally attractive person. He has a lovely presentation so this should be reflected by his internal excellence as well”. Ahmed had the conviction that a particularly attractive man would never lie. He hence told the elderly person, “In the event that Salim has awful assessment on me, there should be some kind of problem with me. I’m apprehensive he should be right”


The elderly person was particularly dazzled by the personality of appalling looking Ahmed. In the interim, Salim got back with some tea for his lord.

The elderly person sent Ahmed to make breakfast for himself and afterward went to Salim and told, “Ahmed has given a terrible record of you. What do you say about it?” On hearing this Salim got upset and begun articulating awful comments. He said that Ahmed was a liar and a blackguard.

The Old man hence reasoned that the man with a delightful face had no inward excellence while the man looking terrible outward had huge internal magnificence.

Lesson of The Story

“Genuine excellence isn’t what the eyes can view however what the heart can hold. What we see with our eyes will disappear sometime in the future, however what we store in our heart will always remain… ” – Unknown




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