Small Stories

The Intelligent Ant


One Sunday morning a rich man sat in his gallery appreciating daylight and his espresso when a little insect got his attention which was

going from one side to the opposite side of the gallery conveying a major leaf

a few times more than its size. The man watched it for over 60 minutes.

He saw that the insect confronted numerous obstructions during its excursion, ,

took a redirection and afterward proceeded towards objective.

At a certain point the small animal went over a break in the floor.

It stopped for a brief period, dissected and afterward laid the immense leaf over the break,


strolled over the leaf, picked the leaf on the opposite side then, at that point, proceeded with its excursion.

The man was dazzled by the keenness of the subterranean insect, probably God’s littlest animal.

The episode left the man in wonderment and constrained him to think about finished

the marvel of Creation.

It showed the significance of the Creator. Before his eyes there was

this minuscule animal of God, ailing in size yet outfitted with a cerebrum to examine,

consider, reason, investigate, find and survive. Alongside every one of these

capacities, the man likewise saw that this minuscule animal shared

some human inadequacies.


The man saw about an hour after the fact the animal had arrived at its objective –

a little opening in the floor which was a passage to its underground dwelling.

Also, it was now that the subterranean insect’s inadequacy that it imparted to

the man was uncovered. How is it possible that the would subterranean insect convey into the small opening the

huge leaf that it had figured out how to painstakingly bring to the objective?

It essentially proved unable!

So the small animal, after all the careful and difficult work and practicing extraordinary abilities,

beating all the troubles en route, just left behind the

enormous leaf and returned home with next to nothing.

The subterranean insect had not contemplated the end before it started its difficult excursion


furthermore, in the end the enormous leaf was just a weight to it. The animal

had no choice, however to abandon it to arrive at its objective.

The man took in an extraordinary example that day.

Isn’t that reality with regards to our lives?

We stress over our family, we stress over our work, we stress over

instructions to bring in more cash, we stress over where we ought to live –

5 room or 6 room house, what sort of vehicle to purchase –

a Mercedes or BMW or a Porsche, what sort of dresses to wear,

a wide range of things, possibly to forsake this load of things when we arrive at our objective –

The Grave.

We don’t understand in our life’s excursion that these are simply loads that

we are conveying with absolute attention to detail and dread of losing them, just to discover

that toward the end they are pointless and we can’t take them with us.




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