Small Stories

Story: Considering full point of view of things


A sage was living in the woods. At some point, he visited the close by human home to think about the state of individuals living there. The presence of the sage satisfied everyone. Giving due regard, they accompanied him to the sanctuary situated in the core of the home.

The monetary state of individuals was bad because of a decrease underway. The sage understood that everybody was broken in their souls. The sage sat down on the little stage in the yard of the sanctuary. Individuals were covetous of listening something from him. The sage took out a piece of smooth white paper from his sack. There was a little dark speck at the focal point of the paper. The stage held the piece of paper high so everybody could have a decent glance at it. Every one of them who were available there taken a gander at it tensely.

The sage inquired, “What are all of you seeing?”

A young fellow addressed instantly, “Sir, it is just a dark dab!” The sage pointed his finger towards someone else and inquired, “And what are you seeing?” The moderately aged man furnished a similar response. Asking a matured man, the sage found a similar solution.


From there on, the sage said, “That implies, all of you can’t see something besides the dark dab.” All present there replied in noisily, “Yes.” Hearing this, the sage said, “All of you can’t see the paper in my grasp. Yet, the little spot on that paper can draw in the consideration of every one of you.” There was a mumble made in the group, “Goodness indeed, it truly is so!”

The sage grinned and said, “All of you missed to see the paper however it was before your eyes. Life is likewise that way. Disregarding numerous large things around us, we focus on little things like the dark speck. In the event that we mind little and irrelevant things consistently, will our life not get confined? Free your psyche. The answers for every one of your concerns are lying concealed inside you. You will get all that you want on the off chance that you just contemplate and think.”



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