Small Stories

Story: The Man In Trouble


A man was gotten and tossed into a pit (A major opening on the planet) of around “40 feet” profound, on the grounds that he was an outsider. He battled attempting to escape the pit,but the more he attempted, the more fragile his muscles became. He said to himself, “I don’t have the foggiest idea how to get myself out of this. Perhaps I should simply bite the dust as opposed to bearing these hopeless battles and agonies.”

All at once, he heard a voice shouting, “Help! Help!! Help!!!” The yells were coming from another pit, which was 10 feet more profound than the one he was in.

He contemplated internally, “Amazing, so there is another person like me caught here as well”. Listening cautiously, he heard some breaking and sand dropping from the mass of the pit of the other casualty. Promptly he summarized his boldness and with his last piece of solidarity, begun slithering gradually until he got pit.



That aggravation you think you are going through, there are individuals most exceedingly awful off than you. Continuously say something sweet to yourself. Continuously grin at your

torments. Leave them alone; they are only there for some time and furthermore to challenge you. Today might be your breaking point, yet your bliss will come toward the beginning of the day. Attempt to empower yourself. Check out yourself in the mirror, beat your chest and say, “I can create it and I can endure over the extreme long haul.”

*Always attempt to confront your most noticeably awful dread since no good thing comes simple. You should be UNCOMFORTABLE to get to your COMFORT ZONE.




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