Small Stories

You Are The Results Of Yourself – Powerful words


Try not to fault anybody, never whine of any person or thing

Since essentially you have made of your life what you needed.

Acknowledge the hardships of enlightening yourself

Also, the value of beginning to address your person.

The victory of the genuine man emerges from the cinders of his missteps.

Never grumble of your dejection or your karma.

Face it with mental fortitude and acknowledge it.

Some way or another, they are the aftereffect of your demonstrations and


It shows that you’ll generally win.

Try not to feel disappointed of your own disappointments, neither dump them to another person.

Acknowledge yourself now or you’ll continue legitimizing yourself like a youngster.

Recall that any time is great to begin

What’s more, that no time is so great to surrender.

Remember that the reason for your present is your past,

As the reason for your future will be your present.

Gain from the bold, from the solid,

From who doesn’t acknowledge circumstances

From who will live regardless of everything.

Think less about your concerns and a greater amount of your work.


Figure out how to emerge from your aggravation,

What’s more, to be more prominent than the best of your hindrances.

Take a gander at the reflection of yourself and you’ll be free and solid

What’s more, you’ll quit being a manikin of conditions.

For you most definitely are your fate.

Wake up and gaze at the Sun in the mornings and inhale the Sun of first light.

You’re important for the strength of your life now,

Ascend, battle, walk, be certain and you’ll win throughout everyday life.

Absolutely never consider ‘destiny’

For destiny is the reason of disappointments.

Good luck



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