What is Easy and What is Difficult


Simple is to pass judgment on the mix-ups of others

Troublesome is to perceive our own missteps

Simple is to talk without thinking

Troublesome is to abstain the tongue

Simple is to harmed somebody who loves us.

Troublesome is to mend the injury…

Simple is to pardon others

Troublesome is to request pardoning


Simple is to set principles.

Troublesome is to follow them…

Simple is to dream each night.

Troublesome is to battle for a fantasy…

Simple is to show triumph.

Troublesome is to expect rout with pride…

Simple is to stagger with a stone.

Troublesome is to get up…


Simple is to appreciate life consistently.

Hard to give its genuine worth…

Simple is to guarantee something to somebody.

Troublesome is to satisfy that guarantee…

Simple is to say we love.

Troublesome is to show it consistently…


Simple is to reprimand others.

Troublesome is to work on oneself…

Simple is to commit errors.

Troublesome is to gain from them…

Simple is to sob for a lost love.

Troublesome is to deal with it so not to lose it.

Simple is to ponder improving.

Troublesome is to quit thinking it and set it in motion…

Simple is to consider awful others


Troublesome is to assume the best about them…

Simple is to get

Troublesome is to give

Simple to understand this

Hard to follow

Simple is keep the kinship with words

Troublesome is to keep it with implications





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