You Are Who You Are, Not What You Do


Our impression of the attributes and qualities that make us what our identity is frequently firmly entwined with how we carry on with our life. We characterize ourselves as far as the jobs we embrace, our activities and inactions, our victories, and what we believe are disappointments. Subsequently it is not difficult to distinguish so firmly with a choice that has brought about surprising adverse results that we really become that “off-base” choice. The failure and disgrace we feel when we commit what we see as an error develops until it turns into a predominant piece of our personalities. We excuse our “poor” choices by marking ourselves bumbling leaders. Notwithstanding, your actual character can’t be characterized by your decisions. Your substance what makes you an exceptional element exists freely of your dynamic cycle.

There are no obvious correct choices. All choices add to your turn of events and are an essential piece of your developing presence yet they are as yet separate from oneself. A choice that doesn’t bring about its planned result is not the slightest bit a delineation of character. In any case, it can effectsly affect our capacity to trust ourselves and our confidence. You can abstain from turning into your choices by avowing that a “terrible choice” was only an encounter, and next time you can pick in an unexpected way. Attempt to abstain from waiting previously and thinking about the conditions that prompted your apparent mistake in judgment. All things being equal, adjust to the new conditions you should look by thinking about how you can utilize your knowledge, inward strength, and instinct to help you in pushing ahead more carefully. Do whatever it takes not to altogether try not to contemplate the decisions you have made, however ponder the results of your choice from a levelheaded rather than an enthusiastic viewpoint. Endeavor to comprehend the reason why you settled on the decision you pardoned, yourself, and afterward push ahead.

An apparent mix-up turns into an important learning experience and is, basically, a gift to take in and develop from. You are not a terrible individual and you are not your choices; you are just human.





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