9 Tips to Make the Right decision

Is it true that you are a product of your own thoughts, plans, and decision-making. You are about to enter into the day, with a focus on the success, or failure. While each is independent in making decisions about their lives, the following is a general approach in order to help you make the best […]

Kinds of People Who Will Never Succeed at Work

Experience and knowledge quickly lose their relevance and success in the workplace. Harvard economist David Deming studied occupational skills from 1980 to the present and found that those emphasizing social skills grew by 24% larger, while jobs requiring technical knowledge and expertise found little growth. Deming also found that wages have significantly increased jobs that […]

Free Mind

A free mind is an open mind and attached to anything. Most people spend most of their time looking for excuses to be upset. The open mind has never been offended because it has no attachments. It is not the personality that offends but it is always the deception that a person has that is […]

What is the secret to self-confidence?

1.A well-rounded life can make you a more confident person. Discipline gives you the opportunity to be your best version.2.You have to take care of yourself. Studies show that people who take care of their mental and physical health often become more confident.3.You have to increase your power by ignoring what people think of you. […]

23 things to remember

Your presence is a gift to the world You are different and you are one of a kind your life can be what you want it to be Take one day at a time Count your blessings, not your problems You will finish successfully Inside you there are many answers Understand, be courageous, be strong […]

7 Great Standards to Live by

It is said that making decisions is easier when you know your Values. Or indirectly, Your values ​​make it easier for you to make decisions. Apart from this, your Value strengthens your character, shows perseverance in your personality, organizes your life and reminds you to focus on the most important things in the way defined […]

What Is Your Life Purpose?

Do you know your purpose in life? Have you ever found a purpose in life? Have you ever considered ‘living a healthy life’ if not – even if you missed a boat – or do you feel that it doesn’t really matter? It is never too late to find and live a purpose in life. […]

Do You Need Success? Work on Your Thoughts!

There is a popular saying that it is the product of our thoughts. That means we become what we think so I decided to write this article to understand the importance of ideas, donations, thought analysis and purification techniques. Throughout the day we keep thinking about things, events, families, issues, the future, money, the office […]

Story: A piece of paper

One day the teacher asked her students to write the names of other students in the room on two pieces of paper, leaving a space between each word. He then told them to think of the best thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down. As the students leave the […]

Story: Orange Dealer

The man used to buy oranges from an old woman.After they were weighed, paid for and placed in her purse, she would always pick one out of her bag, peel it off, put a portion in her mouth, complain of being sour and pass the orange to the seller. The old woman would put one […]


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