Story: Do It Now

In a class I teach adults, I recently did “unforgivable.” I gave the class homework! The assignment was to “go to the person you love within the next week and tell them that you love them. It should be someone who has never said those words before or at least never shared those words with […]

3 tips for a happy relationship

Happy relationships take more than just sending flowers to her birthday or having dinner. Strong and healthy relationships are built on communication, compromise and commitment that will ensure that other relationships are happier. Whether you are in a new relationship or celebrating many years of marriage, the “three c’s” reminder is a healthy reminder for […]

Do You Keep People Happy?

Keeping people happy is one of the hallmarks of God’s presence in your heart because spreading and guaranteeing happiness around you is a natural human foundation that is fully connected to God’s Universal principles. Making people laugh for a short time should not be taken for granted because laughing is just a set of fun. […]

8 Ps of Vision and Strategy

The little boy asked the old man, “why is a fast horse better than a slow horse”? The old man said, “It has become a habit to produce more energy to run up to ten times than a slow horse,” said the young man, “and what if a horse runs in the wrong place”? The […]

Do You Need Success? Work on Your Thoughts!

There is a popular saying that it is the product of our thoughts. That means we become what we think so I decided to write this article to understand the importance of thoughts, donations, thought analysis and purification techniques. Throughout the day we keep thinking about things, events, families, issues, the future, money, the office […]

The Power of Not Looking Back

If you look at people who are depressed, you will see that they are always thinking about a particular event, conversation, failure, conflict or luck that has often happened to them in the past. Such people have no control over their thinking processes which is why they allow their brains to continue to wander in […]

How to Deal With Common Flexibility

On a certain day, you may be experiencing a number of emotional changes depending on your circumstances. For example you are sad, or happy, angry, angry, depressed, depressed, happy or angry at different times. As long as you are happy, everyone around you is fine with that but if you have a lot of changing […]

7 Qualities of Highly Ethical People

People are morally upright because of social norms, beliefs, and rules. The moral principles of a person define how he or she lives by distinguishing right from wrong and behaving in a way that improves the situation directly or indirectly without harming us in any way. The code of conduct has been defined by the […]

10 Tips To Simplify Your Life

Over the past decade however life has been enriched due to more and more resources, continuous gadget building and the daily increase in luxury. This is very exciting but at the same time, people have increased their love of material things that has suddenly or indirectly reduced their whole sense of happiness. Nowadays, we have […]

9 Principles of Hope

Exactly the point, below are my 9 rules I have made for myself so that I can deviate from living and living a carefree life: 1- I have to improve my ability not to look back in the past to read old chapters of life over and over again because I can’t go back in […]

The Philosophy of Happy Life

While everyone wants happiness, but very few people realize that Happiness is already around us. The end of its story is to train our brains with simple skills to feel Happiness. Below the philosophy is presented Easy-to-Understand and Easy-to-Practice for Great Happiness, Peace of Mind and Peace. Although it takes a while to make the […]

Do You Think You Are Lazy?

Do you ever find yourself thinking, ‘I’m lazy’? If you consider yourself lazy, you will reassure yourself that you have no power or focus. This can lead to a lot of laziness.Come on, you’re not lazy, but your thinking and behavior can be lazy. So, choose not to think of yourself as ‘lazy’. Consider: I […]

Story: Bank Account

A 72-year-old man, young, well-built and proud, fully clothed every morning at eight o’clock, with well-combed hair, although not visually impaired, has been transferred to a nursing home today. His wife of 70 years recently passed away, making the move necessary. After hours of waiting patiently at the reception area for the nursing home, she […]

Criticism – Creative Killer?

Properly speaking, Criticism is the act of analyzing a person or thing (such as an article, video, book, product service etc.) with the intention of improving the staff, product or services. In everyday life, however, you will encounter many people who are critical of you. For example they do this to insult, discourage and put […]

6 Ways to Stop Thinking Bad

If you have a tendency to be cynical, you may feel that this is a natural trait that will affect you for the rest of your life. It is this erroneous idea that pulls down so many people in their lives, as they allow negative thoughts to consume and overwhelm their thinking. In fact, negative […]

Emotional Intelligence: Do You Have It?

They are not imaginary machines. We hear thinking machines. ”— Antonio Antonioasio, neurologist Emotional intelligence is the ability to accurately understand your own feelings and those of others, to understand the emotional signals of relationships, and to manage your own feelings and those of others. It contains the following features: Self-awarenessSelf-controlMotivation (defined as “love of […]

Behavior That Can Kill Your Work

Tasks do not usually follow a smooth, straight path. If you encounter a suspended or loose job – and most of us do it at one time or another – take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Are you guilty of exhibiting any of these common behaviors? These ten job-killing traps can mean […]

Can We Learn To Be More Creative?

Over the past few years we’ve written a lot about ingenuity and how we can start thinking differently, from visual activities like taking a trip or doing doodling on the use of technology successfully. But the idea that art is something we can learn and develop in a very new way. Creativity is often regarded […]

What Is the New Normal In Higher Education?

How will higher education change because of COVID-19? A question that many students, parents, and teachers are thinking about as they try to plan ahead for an uncertain future. Experts say that a number of epidemic policies are guaranteed to adhere to normal schooling. Online Backup ProgramsWhether or not the school fully returns to campus […]


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